SST Super Sprint Triathlon Series: Race 1/4

The SST Super Sprint Triathlon Series is a collection of short, technical and intense races over varied formats mixing the standard swim / bike / run legs up giving a new perspective to racing triathlons… Race distances will follow the 1:3:1 distance format where triathletes will swim 100m, bike 3km and run 1km, irrespective of the race format. Great for working on speed and transitions in a race set up, as well as for entry-level triathletes looking to get into the sport with the smaller distances.

1 = 100m swim - 4 laps of the swimming pool
3 = 3km bike – 1 lap on tarred / paved roads
1 = 1km run - 1 lap of the grass fields

FORMATS include The Triple Mix, Equalizer, Eliminator, Enduro & Sprint Pursui.

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