Lake Morris Road Race

The Lake Morris Road Race is part of the 3M3D event set in the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland. It is run over the same 16km as the final leg of the 3M3D Marathon 3 and Cairns Marathon. It's a long down hill race, but only after you've climbed 5km out from the dam!

There is not an 'exact' start time for this race, but it is around 9am to coincide with the front runners from the 3M3D Grand Slam and CM. Some competitors may delay their start and join in with their running buddies from the other two races on their trip 'down the hill'.

This is the third year of the race that is being held. Transport is provided at a nominal fee.

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Dynamic Running club members (35% discount on race fees) - please use the promo code DRmember

There are also other races on the weekend: The 3M3D Grand Slam (9-11 July 2021), the Fig Tree Half Marathon (10 July 2021) and the Cairns Marathon (11 July 2021).

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Lake Morris Road Race
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