Born Survivor - Assault On Capesthorne Hall

Recruit your buddies for the UK's Ultimate Obstacle Course Mission set at the stunning Capesthorne Hall overlooking the immense Jodrell Bank!

This is the Ultimate Team Mission for 2020 and one certainly worthy of the awesome medal that will be pinned on your chest after completing this glorious raid! Test your physical/mental resolve and in doing so forge a team camaraderie that can only be truly replicated in a Military inspired environment.

What To Expect:

This course is designed by Elite Royal Marine Commandos and features 35 Awesome Military Grade Obstacles incorporating a 10km Classic Course, 10km Elite Squadron competitive wave and a 5km beginner option!

This is guaranteed to take you on the ultimate adventure as you negotiate breathtaking slides, cold water obstacles, climbing nets, underground tunnels such as The Great Escape, climbing walls and other Top Secret Obstacles, not forgetting our infamous Big Wall Finisher....THE BLITZ! *VIEW-MORE

Celebrate your victory afterwards and enjoy some top quality food before heading to our awesome Survivor Stripes Bar to enjoy the musical acoustic and vocal talents of Connor Banks and The Coulton Brothers...not to mention the awesome and fun Jager Maestros.

Corporate Mission?

No scenario training here...This course is for real and is guaranteed to reinforce your team's robustness, togetherness and reliance upon one another within a live, challenging and fun environment. Boost mental and physical health and well-being within the work place by signing up early...this will focus your team to prepare and unite in preparation for this epic experience. The end product will be a day of success and accomplishment that you simply cannot replicate in the work environment! Looking for that team building exercise that seemingly doesn't exist....This Is It!

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to unlock your team's potential and for special deals for bulk ticket purchases.

Registered Charities

Born Survivor have partnered with many charities and are currently affiliated with ABF The Soldiers Charity, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Unique Kidz, Alder Hey Hospital, North West Air Ambulance.

Please get in touch at [email protected] for more information on how we can assist you to raise money for your charity and help you build teams through our special charity packages.


Prepare to carry your team to glory and rally the troops for the optimum team building day for Gym Groups, Boot Camps, Lone Adventurers, Work Colleagues, Sports Teams, Stags & Hens and Birthday Parties etc.

Have you got what it takes? Will power is key here, as they say in the Military, if the mind is willing....the body will follow!

We give Survivors more...What's included?

  • Assault On Capesthorne Born Survivor Medal!
  • New Obstacles
  • 2020 Design Soft Cotton Quality T'shirt.
  • Legendary Born Survivor Head Over.
  • Born Survivor Temporary Body Tattoos.
  • Water stops
  • Awesome organisation - We put our Survivors first!
  • Free Finish & In Action Photographs.
  • Changing tents
  • Bag drop (£3 donation to Unique Kidz charity)
  • Quality food stalls.
  • Survivor Stripes Bar selling Beer and Gin.
  • Free spectators - Parking charge applies to all vehicles.
Born Survivor Elite Squadron - Sponsored By (Over 18s Only!)
How it works?

Born Survivor Elite Squadron is the first wave to set off on event day and is open to individual athletes only. BSES is all about putting your performance to the test on an empty course and trying to beat the person in front back to base.

Do You Have What It Takes? The top 3 Elite men and women back to base will lift the much coveted Born Survivor Elite Squadron trophies and awesome bespoke SWAG supplied by our sponsors!

Elite Male Individual
Elite Female Individual

1st Prize, 2nd & 3rd prize for each category.
Main prizes up for grabs are all courtesy of
1st Male & Female - Full Kit including Trainers, Jacket and T shirt.
2nd Male & Female - Pair Of Trail/Obstacle Course specific trainers.
3rd Male & Female - Technical T shirt

Each Winner and Runner up also receives:
> Coveted Born Survivor Elite Squadron Trophies 1st/2nd/3rd Male & Female.
> Technical T-shirt from Sportsshoes - Elite SQN Sponsors.
> 1 X Beer Token for the Survivor Stripes Bar.
> Finishers Photograph
> £10 Born Survivor merchandise tent voucher - redeemable on the day only!
> Elite Headover
> BS Medal

All Elite Squadron runners receive these mega benefits:

  • Exclusive BSES T'shirt and Head-over buff.
  • Online listing of your finishing place
  • Free finisher's glory photograph
  • Access to a clear course
  • Ultimate bragging rights
  • BONUS! Run a free second lap later in the day.

BSES is Chip Timed - All finisher placings will be recorded at the line and published online following the event.

1) All obstacles must be completed fully including the Monkey Bars. (Penalties apply)
2) If competitors go outside the course barrier tape they will be disqualified from placing.

Organiser Updates (4)

May 2nd - 1100hrs - Storm The Home! 💪

sent by Born Survivor on 28/04/2020 at 19:28

We’ve partnered with our Ticket Site providers Race Space to bring you Storm The Home!

This event is part of the RaceSpace organised ‘Stay-Home 5K Challenge’.
The question is....Have You Got What It Takes? 😉🏠🎖

We’re challenging you to run, crawl and manoeuvre your way through your very own 2 or 5k route….all set within the boundaries of your own home and garden!

Use the lounge, bathroom, stairs… wherever! Make it an obstacle run, a wine run or dress up…we don’t mind!

FREE Born Survivor Digital 'Storm The Home' Certificate and Facebook Badge for all who participate!

Born Survivor Embossed Thermal Metal Mug.
Most imaginative Course.
Best Fancy dress.
Worst Fancy dress.

Tickets Available At:

What’s important is that you enter, challenge 3 friends to do the same, then get planning. Be sure to share all your progress using #STAYHOME5K

100% of the proceeds are being donated to the NHS CHARITIES COVID-19 URGENT APPEAL.

#DoSomeGood #BornSurvivor #CaptainTomMoore

SURVIVORS STAND TOGETHER! Capesthorne Hall 2020 Information.

sent by Born Survivor on 24/03/2020 at 09:16

We have had only a very small number of emails/messages requesting refunds....So thank you to all of our loyal Survivors who have been extremely patient and understanding.

You're amazing....we have always known this.🎖

Ticket Transfer:
Your ticket will be automatically transferred over to the new date once confirmed, no action will be necessary and your teams and preferred wave times will be maintained within our system. 💪 As soon as we release our date we will open up our ticket site and allow you to continue to build your teams even stronger!

We will follow up with a new Cheshire event date as soon as COVID-19 begins to be defeated and depleted and we believe that we can confidently plan a date.

Our Message:
In line with our terms and conditions refunds for our events are not possible. Like many large scale events in the UK, we work tirelessly whilst investing into the event prior to it's arrival date, and of course take educated risk through careful planning and projections estimate that we sell enough tickets before the event to cover our costs....and hopefully even make some small profit! :)

British Events Need You:
Behind the scenes of all successful events, organisers put their neck on the line to bring personal/team challenge, inspiring entertainment and a reason to strive to be better to the British public!
The events industry looks very glamorous on the day, however behind the scenes the effort, stress and planning required in order to excel, ensure safety and create smiles on the big day is immense.
Prior to the event Born Survivor must cover advertising, wages, new equipment, new obstacles, event service deposits, medals, T shirts and head buffs etc, and therefor 1 month before the event all that is left is a small profit.
We would love to be able to inform our followers that all ticket sales stay in our bank until the event is finished and then we share the profits....however this is far from reality!

Before trying to cancel tickets to any events that you have signed up for, we urge you to stop and think.
If your favourite event disappeared what would you do next Summer? Who would inspire you when you need it most? There's a big picture....please use perspective to view it. Events have been here for event organisers need you more than ever. 🎖

Capesthorne Hall - The Next Mission!
Born Survivor will provide an amazing event at Capesthorne Hall when the time for muddy battle arrives. It will see a new course route, new obstacles, live music at the Survivor Bar, New Music Battle Zones and many more improvements! Although this unforeseen situation has halted us temporarily it will not stop us and nor will it stop your day in the mud and glory! 💪💦

We hope that you and your families are well and that you are doing your upmost to isolate yourself from others.
This is the time that we all must do the right thing.

Take care out there troops X
Remember....We're Stronger Together But Better Apart.
Keep Your Distance!

Team Born Survivor 💂‍♂️

POSTPONED – Born Survivor Capesthorne Hall – 2nd May 2020

sent by Born Survivor on 16/03/2020 at 16:29

The Situation:

Due to the continuously changing picture of COVID-19, Born Survivor HQ are extremely sad to inform you that we have been left with no realistic option but to postpone Born Survivor Capesthorne Hall on 2nd May 2020.

The Born Survivor team have agreed that due to the large concentration of people expected in Cheshire on 2nd May including participants, spectators and event staff; the only viable safe alternative is to postpone the much loved Capesthorne Hall event.

Our Message To Survivors:
We understand that our decision will be met with sadness, and we share this feeling of disappointment as our team have worked tirelessly in the planning and improvement since last May’s amazing event. However together we must now stand to help keep our great country safe by protecting those most at risk.
Please be assured that you will have your day in the mud and glory, and upon its arrival that sweet taste of victory will be that little bit more special!

What Next:
We understand that you may have questions in regards to the details of what happens next, especially in regards to event deferrals. We appeal for your patience and understanding whilst we assess the ever changing COVID-19 picture and consult with our course venue and support team.

Please refrain from contacting us by email and social messenger as we work to implement our contingency planning...we will follow up with further instructions very soon.

Keep up the physical training as you will need it for the next mission! 💪

Take care out there troops X
Team Born Survivor 🎖


sent by Born Survivor on 25/09/2019 at 09:36
Dear Survivors,

Due to a miscommunication, we have had to change the date for Born Survivor Assault On Capesthorne Hall. 

Our event will now take place on Saturday 2nd May 2020, one week earlier than previously planned. 

Good news however we are now giving you the chance to have an extended rest one week later, Friday 8th May (Early May Bank Holiday) ... You're Welcome!!!

Rally the troops & prepare for battle! We hope you can make it to this year's event. 

Anyone who can't take part now due to the date change please email [email protected] 

Born Survivor HQ

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Craig Hadcock

Craig Hadcock

04/03/2020 09:48:50

HI Is your site down as its not letting us register the rest of the team ?

Born Survivor

Born Survivor Organiser

21/02/2020 08:48:30

All wave times will be released 1 week prior to the event. Thanks, HQ

David Niblett

David Niblett

20/02/2020 21:37:40

When do you find out what wave you are in?