Bostin' Centurion Sportive 2022

The Bostin’ Centurion Sportive is a new cycling event for 2022.

The event has two routes, rather than our usual three, as the River Dove bisects the event area and provides few crossing places to enable us to offer a shorter route to our riders.

Starting from Rocester, a small village in Staffordshire where a Roman fort was founded in 69 AD and its name is derived (‘cester’ refers to a fortress of a town during the Roman period) where the remains of the fort earthworks can still be seen. The routes follow many of the Roman roads in the area and so, the name of the event was born.

Gold route - 65 miles / 105km

Silver route - 50 miles / 80km

Full event details can be found on the website

Entry Options

Silver Route
Gold Route
Adult + Child Team



  • You may trade your entry for a Transfer Credit at a cost of £5.00 until 25/05/2022.
  • You will have 12 months (from the date of the event) to spend your Transfer Credit. You may also use your Transfer Credit to enter someone else.
  • Click here for more info on Transfers.

You can manage your entries in the section of your Racer Dashboard.

Instalment Plan

  • You may pay in equal instalments up to a either a maximum set by the organizer or monthly up to one month before the event, whichever is less.
  • There is an additional fee of 1% + £0.50 (inc VAT) for each instalment.
  • You are responsible for ensuring payments are made, missing payments may mean removal from the event and loss of any monies paid to date.
  • For more information on instalment plans see here.

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