Bostin' Peaks Sportive (POSTPONED)


The Bostin' Peak Sportive is the original Bostin' cycling event and was featured on the 2016 Channel 5 celebrity cycling TV programme, "Tour de Celeb".

The 2020 running of the event sees us move to a new HQ and more inclusive routes.

By moving our HQ further North we can now showcase the delights of the Peak District to all our riders and not just to the Gold and Silver route riders as in previous years. We have also taken the opportunity of shortening the length of our Gold route, to make it less severe and attractive to more riders, although it still remains a distinct bostin' challenge.

Gold route - 75 miles / 120km

Silver route - 65 miles / 110km

Bronze route - 40 miles / 65km

This year the Bostin' Peaks Sportive will be based at the Rocester Football Club, just North East of Uttoxeter, and all three routes begin by heading further East than normal through Cubley and Alkmonton and on along the Roman road called, appropriately, Longlane before turning North through Kirk Langley and Mercaston. Here they begin to rise up to Hulland

Ward and then on to Carsington Water and the first feed station of the day at Hognaston, for some much needed refreshment.

After a brief stop, all riders turn left out of the feed station and continue heading up and North. At Bradbourne the Bronze riders turns East and head off towards a ford (we recommend using the bridge!) and riding up over Wibben Hill, through roaming farm animals, and on to the picture-postcode village of Tissington and then onwards to Thorpe.

The Gold and Silver route, meanwhile, continue North climbing up through Brassington and to Longcliffe into the upland countryside of the Peak District. Onwards through Elton, past Robin Hood's Stride, and on to Youlgreave before dropping on to the Long Rake, with its glorious views, and forward to Parsley Hay. After Parslay Hay the Silver route heads turns left towards the feed station at Butterton while the Gold route riders turn North up through the market town of Longnor before following the Ridge, with spectacular views, before also arriving at the feed station for some sustenance and perhaps a well deserved sit down. After the feed station the riders descend down into the Manifold Valley before climbing out up to Stanshope and on to the attractive village of Ilam and then up to Thorpe to rejoin the Bronze route.

All riders, now reunited, head South across the parkland at Okeover Hall, and more roaming animals, then on to Mayfield before heading, along the River Dove, towards Rocester and the finish line.

Three new routes for 2020 will make a great day out in the Peak District!

Full event details can be found on the website


Multi-Event Discounts:

We are offering you a discount if you come and ride more than one of our great events in the season. There is one great multi-event discount currently on offer:

  • The Bostin' "Grand Tour" Discount - enter all 5 events* and save 15% on your combined entry fee.

(* you can ride any route at each selected event, Gold, Silver or Bronze)

Each rider must book separately to take advantage of these discounts. Multiple discounts cannot be applied.

Multi-Rider Discounts:

We are also offering you a discount if you come and ride with your mates, 'cause we're bostin' sociable!

  • The "Bostin' Club" Discount - aimed at cycling clubs, but open to anyone with plenty of cycling buddies, make up a team of 10+ riders. Enter all the riders together on the same booking to ride the same route at the same event and save 15% on your combined entry fees.
  • The "Bostin' Buddies" Discount - make up a team of 5+ riders. Enter all the riders together on the same booking to ride the same route at the same event and save 10% on your combined entry fees.

Each booking must be for the same event and the same route to take advantage of these discounts. Multiple discounts cannot be applied.

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sent by Bostin' Ride on 18/05/2020 at 20:50

Postponed Events

As reported in our previous emails and postings , we have been closely monitoring the Government guidelines on social distancing and the Stay At Home advice given. We have also been talking to our event marshals and the owners/hirers of the premises that we use to hold our events, many of which are currently closed with no date of re-opening.

Following these consultations, we have unfortunately reached the decision that we must postpone our three remaining events scheduled for this year; the Bostin’ Peaks Sportive, the Vyrnwy Velo Sportive and the Bostin’ Diablo Sportive.

This decision has not been taken lightly as we, like you have been looking forward to these events and we know that a lot of people are currently doing more cycling than previously and so were no doubt looking forward to the challenge.

We are a small family business who have already expensed substantial funds in organising these events. As stated in our Rider’s Terms and Conditions we are unable to refund any entry money however, unlike some other organisers, we take the view that you have entered our events in good faith, we have been unable to supply the event due to circumstances beyond our control and so, when the time is right and the safety of all can be ensured, we will provide you with entry into a Bostin’ Ride sportive.

We intend to follow the same approach that we did when we postponed our first two events whereby anyone that has already entered an event with us would be able to transfer their entry to any other Bostin’ Ride event this year, or next, at no additional cost.

This was a complicated process to sort out as riders who had already booked a place with us could have paid different amounts depending on the time they booked or the discounts they took. Some would have paid an early-bird price, a standard price, taken a multi-rider discount price or a multi-event price and transferring to a new event with a different ticket price would have led to the booking system asking riders to pay the difference. We felt that this was unacceptable and so we worked to put in place is a process where nobody would pay any more to take part as a result of these unfortunate postponements.

The process was completed shortly after our first postponements and it means that:

  • Our “Transfer Fee” of £5 (which was being donated to our nominated charity) has now been removed from the system so that everyone can transfer their place, at will, for free.
  • People with existing bookings in our postponed events, will shortly have their entries in those events cancelled and their Race Space account credited with either £20, £25 or £30 worth of Transfer Credit depending upon whether they had entered the bronze, silver or gold routes at these events and irrespective of how much each entrant actually paid for their place.
  • We will change our prices for any future event so that a bronze route entry will be £20, a silver route entry will be £25 and a gold route entry will be £30 so that the awarded Transfer Credit can be used as full payment against a new entry in any Bostin’ Ride event.
  • The Transfer Credits are currently set to expire after 12 months and so if we are unable to organise any further events this year then these credits will roll-over to 2021 events.

To use your Transfer Credit and book a place in a future Bostin’ Ride event please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your Race Space account with the email address you used to purchase your ticket with.
  2. Once logged in, either on the page itself or from the drop-down menu which appears when you put your mouse over your name in the top right corner, you will see My Transfers. Select this.
  3. On the next page you are taken to, you will see your credit amount and to the right you will see in red writing See Eligible Events. Select this.
  4. On the next page you will see all the live events you are eligible to register for.
  5. Select the event and Book Now on the route, registering your ticket as you would normally.
  6. Before selecting Complete Payment in the Summary section (see screenshot below) you will see a green bar which reads Select Transfer Credit. Select this drop-down menu to apply your transfer credit. NOTE: If you are doing this process from a mobile then you will need select Checkout on the registration page and on the next page you will see the option to add your credits.

 We would like to thank Race Space for their efforts and their support to enable this process to be completed.

Future Events

We still aim to organise Bostin’ Ride events this year if, and when, circumstances allow however we do not know when these may be and we do not know how many events we may be able to organise at this time.

Therefore, as well as talking to hirers about the postponement of our 2020 events we also took the opportunity to agree new dates with them for our 2021 events. We hope that announcing these dates now may help lessen the disappointment of our entrants of our current postponements.

The 2021 proposed dates are:

25 April 2021 - Bostin’ Chase Sportive

16 May 2021 – Bostin’ Bridge Sportive

13 June 2021 – Bostin’ Peaks Sportive

27 June 2021 – Vyrnwy Velo Sportive

11 July 2021 – Bostin’ Diablo Sportive

In addition, it is our intention to hold our charity event, the Bostin’ Santa Ride, on 29 November 2020 – once again all money raised will go to the House of Bread Charity in Stafford. In these difficult times the charity’s services have been in more demand than ever and once again we would like to support their work as best as we can. This date, like all the others quoted, are all subject to the safe application of any Covid-19 guidelines – but hopefully will go ahead.

Best Wishes

In these unprecedented uncertain times, all of us at Bostin’ Ride would like to wish you and your family well over the coming months.

Please keep fit, safe and cycle, within the guidelines, and we hope to see you all very soon.

The Bostin' Ride Team


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