Merry Hill Challenge

The Merry Hill Challenge is back!

That's right, like the Terminator who simply refuses to die, the Merry Hill Challenge will be rolling out of its annual slumber and inviting you to run around in circles for 6 hours.

Will YOU fight through the pain? Will YOU topple the record of 62km? Will YOU eat too much cake?

Come along on the 28th of July to find out - just don't forget the gong!

Taking place on beautiful Woodland Trust land in Bushey, Hertfordshire, the Merry Hill Challenge is a 6 hour, loop-based endurance event. With views of west London on one side the Chiltern Hills on the other, this stunning route is the perfect setting for a long run. As you pass through open fields, loose rock paths and technical woodland trails, you are free to run, walk, jog, or even crawl at times – so long as you keep moving, you will still be making progress.

Each loop is 6.2km long, with 100m of climbing and descent. Please note: the Race Space elevation is incorrect. The loop has been confirmed as having 100m of elevation gain/loss.

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