Sherwood Pines 13.1

Sherwood Pines 13.1 is a new and exciting trail half marathon race that takes part in in the trails of the this amazing forest.

The route takes in the the views the forest has to offer. From muddy trails to sandy tracks, you won't be disappointed!

It is also ideal for those looking to do their first Trail race! It isn't too difficult with no crazy hill climbs. Sign up NOW before it's too late!!!

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Sherwood Pines 13.1

sent by Marathon Trails UK on 15/05/2017 at 19:57
Hi everyone, 

We just want to take this opportunity to firstly thank all those participants who turned out on the day. We know there were alot of people completing not only their first half marathon but trail half marathon. You guys were awesome. 

Hopefully, the route has inspired you to do more trail running in the future. 

Secondly we would to give a huge shout out to the volunteers for the day. They certainly made the event a success and helped motivate the runners, especially MP6. Without them the day would have conitued to be postponed. So again, thank you all volunteers. 

We would like to apologise for a small part of the route being sabotaged. We were notified that someone had knocked a sign down at mile 3 (twice), so for those that did the extra distance we apologise and we salute you for going the extra distance and not giving up. Well done. 

The results are on the following link if you didn't see it on facebook: 

Well done to all the leaders in their categories. 

Thank you all and thank you for your patience. 

Team Marathon Trails UK

Sherwood pines

sent by Marathon Trails UK on 10/05/2017 at 20:06

Sorry for those that didn't receive the email about the race. 

Thankfully some fantastic volunteers have come to the rescue and the event is back on track. 

Really sorry everyone.


Race Info

sent by Marathon Trails UK on 09/05/2017 at 22:51
Hi all,

 thankfully the race is confirmed to be back on track. We have had some great offer of volunteers from a local running club to help make the event hapen. 

We are totally grateful and sorry to everyone for the big mess around. 

If you have booked onto another race due to this cancelation we will transfer your place to the 2018 event. 

And just to confirm all the other race details are the same. No change.

Thank you all and especially the volunteers.

Team Marathon Trails

Race Postponed

sent by Marathon Trails UK on 08/05/2017 at 19:38
It is with great regret that we will not be able to host the Marathon Trails UK Sherwood Pines Half Marathon due on the 14th May 2017. Unfortunately we have a number of volunteers drop out and we have not been able to replace the required safe amount in time. This decision was not made lightly as we have already incurred costs for the event which you have all paid for but in conjuction with advice from the Sherwood Pines park staff we have postpned the event. We know it is really disapointing for everyone who has signed up for this event, but as you will all be aware that safety of everyone comes first and should not be 'winged' so to speak.  The event will take place with the new date looking to be early October before it gets too cold. 

With this new date we will then seek professional paid staff for the event to avoid this happening again. 

We know you will be at the least disapointed and frustrated but again, we know that safety is of the upmost paramount and it would be reckless of us to not have enough safety staff in place. 

Our sincerest apologies.    

Team Marathon Trails UK

Sherwood Pines Forest 13.1 Race Brief

sent by Marathon Trails UK on 07/05/2017 at 20:47
Hi all, 

hope your training as gone well and you are set for next weekend. 

We have had a number of volunteer staff drop out so if you are interested or know someone who would like to volunteer please let us via email or private message us at our facbook page for further details. 

Please read the full brief before race day. 

Address of event: 

Sherwood Pines Forest, Edwinstowe, Mansfield 
NG21 9JL 

Opens at 0830hrs and closes at 1000hrs. You will pick up your race tag and bib. Please ensure to get their early enough to avoid delaying the race. 

Start time: Approx 1030hrs. Please be there 5 mins before ready to go for a quick race brief of the route and any changes you need to be notified about.  

The route will take you over varied terrain, sandy track, grassy track, stony trail, soily trail and over varying degrees of ascent and descent!  We promise the routes are truly peaceful and enjoyable! The route is on the racespace webpage for you all to view and familiarise yourselves with. 
It is important to listen in to all event marshals throughout. 
There are toilet facilities available for your pre-run trots but no showers. 
There will be 2 water stations on route and at the registration area. We will not be providing any
type of energy drink or gels so if you do take these, please bring enough with you, however, there
will be jelly babies or similar type sweets! 

Please if you do use gels or any other energy boosters please keep the rubbish with you and DO NOT throw it into the prak area. We would like to leave it in the same state we found it. Thank you
Unfortunately, we do not offer any refund or credit transfer to any other event. 
You may run with music such as an IPOD but we ask that you only wear one earphone so you
can be aware of any marshals who may need to speak to you on the route.  
There will be a first aid point near the start area and there will be one on the route with a
qualified medic.  The course is also marshalled and all marshalls will have communications to
the medical facilities.
We recommend all runners to wear trail trainers (not brand new!), to handle the terrain
and look after your feet/ankles over the terrain.  No spikes. 
Each runner will have an individual chip issued to them to give you your individual lap times.
Your race number must be visible and secure on your running vest/top at all times.
There is plenty of parking available at the park but we would recommend car sharing to
help bring the cost down.

Parking fees do apply so bring change. 

Unfortunately the park do now allow for us to allow other food and drink stands at the park as there is a cafe on site they encourage you to use. 

By participating in our event you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
If you require any other info, advice or general queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.  
The team is here to help. 

And remember this is a Trail running event not a road race so please wear adequate footwear as we do expect it to be muddy and wet in some places especially if the weather turns.

Have a good week eveyone and see you all on Sunday. 

Team Marathon Trails UK.  

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Marathon  Trails UK

Marathon Trails UK Organiser

07/05/2017 21:01:24

For those that are not familiar with Sherwood Pines, the event registration will be held in the hut behind GO APE! You can see it from the main car park. Also note there is NO BAG DROP. As you will only be a few hundred metres from the car park to the start line.

Marathon  Trails UK

Marathon Trails UK Organiser

05/05/2017 13:02:04

A number of volunteers have dropped out so if you would like to volunteer please send us a email at you will receive free entry into the 2018 event for you or a friend, plus lunch on us.

Marathon  Trails UK

Marathon Trails UK Organiser

25/03/2017 11:46:18

Only 2 places remaining.

Kate Rawlinson

Kate Rawlinson

25/02/2017 20:29:24

multiple distance make it more fun went to an event today with Half/Full and Ultra distances all running the same course. my only thing would be to ask for the 5 mile to start later than the Half

Marathon  Trails UK

Marathon Trails UK Organiser

31/12/2016 09:55:48

Ticket increase as of 14th January to £25 plus regsitration fee... Don't miss out on the early bird still available.