Oldham Way Ultra - Red Rose Ultra

A 40-mile loop from the Castleshaw centre (Delpth) closely following the route of the Oldham Way with landscape that varies from moorland to canal, trails, woodlands & tracks expect some spectacular views, hills and great landscape, along the Red Rose Ultra one of the newest routes in the UK

Fully marked route
Oldham Way The Double!

Run, walk or crawl your way through fantastic countryside, with well-stocked aid stations every 10 miles (bring your own cup!)

Entry Capacity: Only 150 places, when it's full, it is full...

Men : 1st / 2nd / 3rd.
Women : 1st / 2nd / 3rd.

Spot prizes...

Event centre has changing facilities, showers, secure storage & camping as
well as 24-hour catering and bunkhouse accommodation to prebook!.

Organiser Updates (1)


sent by Organic Adventure on 27/02/2021 at 12:43

Hello, it's a sad day and one we didn’t think we would be repeating after 2020…

Today we have had to make the very difficult final decision to cancel this year's Oldham Way Ultra (OWU) on 18th April.  

This decision has taken a few days to make and is in no way done lightly; there are several factors we have had to consider;

The main one is the advice from our insurance providers who simply do not see a way that they could cover an event of this nature at this point; there is still no definitive answer from the governing bodies we work with as to how and when full-scale events can proceed, regardless of government guidance we are restricted by what they allow us to do. 

Other considerations we have to take are: 





We have still had no positive news from the venue regarding using them on the 18th; we have tried other venues and looked at other options, but as you can imagine, it's the same everywhere at present.

The 40 miles of the OWU route passes through many different authorities, and as above, some of these have not returned with a yes to the event; some are not contactable yet.

Staff, we have as always had many offers of help from your friends and family; we know we can manage the event safely through the beginning stages. Still, as the event goes on and both staff and participants become tired and weary, we do not feel that they can be adequately kept safe.

Please note;

Team OA., who initially managed the Oldham Way Ultra, has ceased trading due to covid restrictions on events; the OWU is now managed by Organic Adventure. Organic Adventure is more than happy to carry your entry over to the 2022 event, and you do not need to do anything; this will happen automatically for you. As of this moment, there is no date for 2022; this will happen as soon as we can have confirmation from all involved, insurance, venues, authorities, etc. 

Please bear with us while we move forward to 2022, stay safe not just with your running, and we will see you on the OWU start line in 2022

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to pop me an email.

Wane Law

Race Director

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