The Drop - Brighouse 2

Using a little bit of military know how we have come up with possibly the most challenging race in the UK!

The version of the drop has to be the challenge of the year, we have for you a 15-mile drop or a softer 10-mile...

Solo or in teams. (just sign up solo and run together)

Only 50 places available...

At registration, you will hand over all electronic devices, phones, watches, compasses etc! In return, you will be given a race number a blindfold and an emergency bag*.

You will be placed on our bus, blindfolded** and then driven to a location 10, 15 or 30 miles away etc, (as the crow flies) from the event centre. Here you will be released, all you have to do is make your way back to the event centre.

No Map
No Route
No Help
No Compass

You are fully self-sufficient from the moment you leave the coach, make your own way. So run, walk or crawl your way back.

Be warned now, the distances are as the crow flies

*place all your items in this emergency bag, seal it and take it with you. top tip! start your watch before placing in the bag then you can record your run.
**blindfolded, we will be using blackout safety goggles, we appreciate that some people may have problems but don't worry we have an alternative!

The following will get you disqualified;
  • Using a GPS device. Recording your progress is acceptable, but the device you use will have to be sealed in the emergency bag. (We will supply this and seal it for you!)
  • Using a map
  • Using anything except your own two legs to get you to the finish
  • Breaking the seal on the emergency kit bag

Organiser Updates (1)

The Drop Brighouse

sent by The on 26/07/2021 at 13:42

Dear Participant


I am writing to inform you that The Drop Brighouse event on Sunday 1 August has been cancelled.  Unfortunately the numbers of entrants has now dropped below the minimum level to make this event viable , even using a smaller footprint minibus, due to conflicting postponed  events running on the same day . 



As you may be aware , Team OA which was hosting the event is no longer trading and The Drop (Run ) Limited has purchased the trading assets in relation to these events but is under no obligation to fulfil events postponed from the original scheduled dates. However , as a gesture of goodwill ,  we will allow you to transfer to any available places on future events , please visit  and advise of the event you would like to be deferred to .



Kind regards


Wane & Amanda 


Managing Directors 

The Drop (Run) Limited

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