Cragg Challenge 2019

Cragg15 is a community group that formed to continue the impact and enjoyment from the Tour de France racing through Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale in July 2014. Since its formation, numerous events on the longest continuous climb in England have been considered, but to recreate the TdF experience – and more importantly – create the opportunity for some iconic and safe events – a road closure was needed. In 2017, after years of planning, the application for a road closure was granted, and on Sunday 24th September 2017 there was the very first ‘Cragg Challenge’ – a festival of running and cycling that was the core of a marvellous day for the participants and the whole community.

Last year the event was repeated, with larger numbers of participants, and spectators, building on the success of the inaugural Cragg Challenge, and another great day was had by all.

Now, for this third Cragg Challenge, two new events will be added - an Audax for cyclists and a 1-mile run for runners. So whether it's a personal record or the School Relay world record of 35 min and 47 secs, there is something to give you a goal for this year.

All events will take place on Cragg Road (B6138) with a start/finish line in Mytholmroyd. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL registrations for all events will be at the Royd Ices building on Cragg Road, next to the start/finish line – times for each event given separately – see the discrete event information for registration and start times.

Main events planned for the day are:

A Cycling Ascent – a chance to cycle the longest climb under a full road closure. This event is open to all, those looking to set a time will set off first, those just looking to make it up the hill following on afterwards. Everyone entering will have the opportunity of being timed for the ascent.

A school relay* – involving children from local primary and secondary schools working together to set a time for running the hill that is a challenge for future schoolchildren. This event is called ‘The Collinge Climb’ in memory of a young teacher and resident of Cragg Vale who sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2016.

A 5K run - the typical ‘fun run’ distance, this event starts in Mytholmroyd and will ascend to a turning point part-way up Cragg Road where entrants will then return down the hill to the start/finish area.

A 10K run – aimed at the more serious runner, or those who are looking to move up from a fun run to a longer distance. This event will work in the same way as the 5K – an ascent to a turning point then a return to the start/finish line.

A 10-mile run – running a measured 10 miles is one thing, running it up and down England’s longest continuous climb is another! This event will start and finish in Mytholmroyd.

A 1-mile run - 'The John Jones 1-mile Dash' is a new event this year. An officially-measured one mile course from just below the Robin Hood Inn to the finish line in Mytholmroyd. Timed electronically, and on a downhill course, this could be an opportunity to post a really impressive time.

An Audax** - The 100km Cycle Grimpeur, approved by Audax UK, the starting section of which will take place up Cragg Road, then head off across the hills, using some of the 2014 Tour de France route, before finally finishing back at the start/finish line in Mytholmroyd.

There are restricted numbers for each event – so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.

(*Note that the school relay entries are being dealt with through the schools and not through this web site, If you would like your school to take part please contact, [email protected])
(** Note that Audax entries are being dealt with at )

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Race Times

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Race Timings

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Race Timings

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Race Times

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Update for tomorrow

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Don't forget;

All registrations are at the Start/Finish next to Royd Ices - no registrations at Mytholmroyd Community Centre.
Cycle registration opens at 8:00am
Runners registration opens at 10:30am
Bring your ticket/receipt

Allow for 'changeable' weather :-)


The 10 mile
Fastest Time
T. Brook -
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L. Barlow -
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The 10K
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B. Thomas -
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H. Marsh -
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The 5K
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B. Clark -
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O. Ackroyd -
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The John Jones 1 Mile Dash
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R. Davison -
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E. Williams -
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