North to South: Crossing the Golden Way

Join us on a stunning trail weekend as we set out to run 80km of the stunning Cotswold Way – running from North to South. This is a perfect trail adventure for those looking to get into trail running or for this wishing to step up their game.

We’ve split the trail adventure into sections – running flexible distances of approx. 15 – 20 miles per day depending on how you are feeling – giving us ample time to get the most out of our journey. We’ll take our time with lots of stops and insights along the way, maximising the experience and adjusting the pace to whatever suits you.

We have a support vehicle with us throughout providing us with water, nutrition, supplies as well as transporting our baggage from point to point. We also include daily sessions on running techniques, massages, and evening inspirational talks, leaving you with nothing to worry about so that you can focus on the journey.

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