Rat Race HellRunner: Hell Up North

This is the UK’s toughest half marathon. Many make the claim of being the toughest. We’ll let your punished sole judge for itself. This event set the bar for off-road running at a new level when it extended its distance from a measly 10 miles in 2014. The terrain at Delamere Forest is unforgiving, peppered with water features and beyond rough underfoot.

Experience mother nature at her cruelest as you take on HellRunner’s signature features including the legendary Bog of Doom, the Devil’s Disco, Hills of Hell and Lucifer’s Lido.

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  • You may trade your entry for a Transfer Credit at a cost of £15.00 until 23/09/2020.
  • You will have 12 months (from the date of the event) to spend your Transfer Credit. You may also use your Transfer Credit to enter someone else.
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