Rough Runner London (Saturday)

We are excited to announce that our 2018 London event will be moving to a brand new venue!

Say goodbye to Clapham (and the bloody football pitches), and say hello to Finsbury Park! It’s a much more interesting place for a run, and yes, it has a hill so we’ll have our Fearless Fall slide back in action!

September 2018 will see us back in London for our 4th year in a row for a 5km and 10km run with all your favourite obstacles and a few new inventions too, so sign up quickly to be sure of a spot, and at the best possible price.

We are the only event in the industry that can offer a challenge of this scale within a 5 minute walk of the Underground, so get involved early and prepare to join the fun!

A few minutes from Finsbury Park and Manor House underground stations, or Haringey train station – our most accessible location by far for public transport!

Rough Runner’s back in London!

After hugely successful London events in 2015, 2016 and 2017, we’re mixing it up for 2018 with a new venue. It’ll give our London Roughians a totally fresh experience, and we’ll even have the massive waterslide here! So whether you’re new to Rough Runner or have been before, this is your only chance to take on our epic obstacles in the heart of the city!

We know of no other event which brings a range of obstacles so massive, so ambitious, and so much fun into the centre of the capital. We’ll be bringing the legendary Travelator with us to the doorstep of millions of Londoners, and giving you the opportunity to bring your favourite TV game show memories into reality.

If you’ve always fancied taking part in one of our events, but getting there has been too much of a task, then this is the one for you.

To see what you’ll be taking on, check out the obstacles here:

Did we mention we have The Travelator?


  • Please arrive on site around 1 hour prior to your start time, to get yourself registered, set up and ready to run!
  • As for getting there, don’t drive! We’re right next to a load of bus stops and tube stations, and parking anywhere near will be tough, and probably expensive.

Things you’ll need to bring:

1. A print out of your ticket, a signed waiver (here), and photo ID. You can’t run without!

2. Cash for food and drinks on site – there will not be card machines.

3. Suitable clothing. This is up to you, but we’d suggest a warm change of clothes for after the event and gloves to use during (for all those nets and ropes). You will get muddy, and so will your trainers, so don’t wear anything you are particularly precious about!

Otherwise just check back here in the run up to the event, or feel free to drop us a line here.


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Last chance for 2019 (and 20% off)!

sent by Rough Runner on 29/08/2019 at 17:55
Hi Roughian!

Just in case you haven't already heard, we're back in London TWICE this year!

The Finsbury Park event is just over a week away, so now is your last chance to get yourself booked on and take on the challenge of our epic obstacles in the heart of London.

Especially if you didn't manage the Travelator's fast lane last year...

We've also got an event in Morden Park, South West London, coming up in October, so if you'd prefer a change of scenery then give that one a go!

Prices rise on tickets at midnight on the 31st August, so if you're up for it, then stop reading and get booking!

And to get 20% off tickets (since you're a return runner), just enter the code RR20 and save yourself a load of £££.

See you there!


sent by Rough Runner on 07/09/2018 at 16:41
Hi Roughians,

This is it! Our final checklist of where to go and what to bring to make sure you get the best out of Rough Runner this weekend.


First of all - CHECK YOUR WAVE TIME! Your ticket shows your requested wave time, BUT NOT YOUR ACTUAL WAVE TIME (we have a lot of morning requests and only so many morning slots)! It's a busy event, so turn up at the right time to help us avoid crowding on the course. No-one likes queues!

See your time here, along with other useful info you'll need about the day:

If you booked in the last week or so, you will not have a wave time so rock up from 9:30am to 2:00pm and we'll fit you in where there's space. If you are coming with someone who does have a wave time, or you have a different time to your team, it's fine - show up with them and you'll be able to run together.

For the Roughian Rascals, please have a look at for wave times and info specific to the kids' event. There are 2 waves each day, so make sure you know when your kids are running!

DIRECTIONS! The only access is via public transport, as there is no parking at Finsbury! We are at the south tip of the park, so if you're coming in a different gate then follow the ring road southwards and you'll find us.

  • Photo ID
  • A print out of your ticket
  • A print out of a signed waiver form (which you can download here -


  • Wear clothes that are OK in the wet - you'll end up in pools throughout the course so come prepared.
  • Gloves - you will really need them! There are a lot of ropes & nets on the course, and gloves will help a lot in protecting your hands. We will have these on sale for £10 on the day so no Roughian needs to ruin their mitts!
  • Shoes - NON-SPIKED (our inflatable obstacles really don't like them!), but suitable for rough terrain including uneven ground and hard tracks.
  • Cash - we do take card payments where possible, but most of the catering, coffees and other village stuff will be cash only.
  • Upgrades - if you booked the 5km but fancy the 10km, it's £10 for an upgrade at the help desk.
  • Public - Finsbury is a public Park, so there will be a lot of members of the public around, who we ask you to respect. They'll mostly cheer you on, but please do try to avoid running into someone if they're not watching where they're going...

FUN STUFF (though also very important!):

We'll have loads of stuff to do in the Runners' village, including a Gladiator Duel arena with Powerbar, who are also fuelling all our Roughians before and after the race with free energy gels and bars, so do say hi to them as you're attempting to knock each other over with pugil sticks!
The mighty Wainwright wall will also be there, with prizes for the fastest to the top, so be sure to have a go at that while you're on site - maybe before you crack into a Golden Beer at the bar...
Finally, stick around for the TRAVELATOR KNOCK-OUT CONTEST at the end of the day. It's the toughest challenge of the whole event, where you get to take on the fast lane at ever increasing speeds, with a cash prize (and a whole lot of glory) for the winner! We also drop the prices at the bar for anyone watching, so you have yet another reason to stay on and enjoy the show!
That's it. See you very soon for the best game show-inspired obstacle event you'll ever do (till you come back again!).

The Rough Runner Team

Wave times & important event info

sent by Rough Runner on 02/09/2018 at 08:23

The event is nearly upon us!

We're in no doubt that your training is well on track, your upper body strength is nothing short of terrifying, and the Travelator will quiver at the sight of your menacing approach.

BUT, before that moment arrives, here are some important bits of info we need you to read. Enjoy!

Wave times and event essentials
We've uploaded your wave times on the link below. Just hit the link, read the essential info about the event day, and click through to find your time.
PLEASE DO READ THIS. We've had lots of people in the past who've turned up at the wrong times because they've clearly not read everything they should have! DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!

You're as near as possible to the time that was requested and we have kept you with the rest of your team. These times override any other time displayed on a ticket, at the point of booking, via email or anything else, so be sure to make a note of yours.

If you didn't book on with the rest of your team, or have been put in a different slot, DON'T WORRY! Turn up with the team and we will let you run with them.

If you bought your ticket to the event in the last 24 hours, you may not appear on the list. If you have a team member who is on the list then come with them, otherwise turn up between 9.30am and 2pm to register and we'll allocate you a wave on the day.

Be sure to read through the essentials that are on the link above at the same time. Remember to bring your ID, ticket and waiver at the very least. There's no parking at Finsbury but bring cash for caterers, the bar and the shop.

Roughian Rascals, there's some specific info for your waves here:

Want a tougher challenge?

If you booked the 5km but reckon you can handle 5 more epic obstacles, then you can still upgrade your ticket and run the 10km on the day. It's £10 at registration - just see the Help Desk and they'll sort you out. 

The Travelator Knockout!

This is the Ultimate challenge on the single greatest obstacle in the world, taking place at the end of the day for our adult Roughians. Entry is free for anyone who runs as part of your Rough Runner experience!

It's your chance to take on the Travelator at ever increasing speeds, till there's just one Roughian standing who will win a cash prize and be crowned The Travelator Champion! Stick around till the end of the day (around 5pm normally) and get involved.

That's about it - We'll send you a final reminder of the essentials in a few days, so enjoy the sunshine till then!

The Rough Runner Team

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Jessica Hocking

Jessica Hocking

31/08/2018 08:26:44

Hi Can you tell me what paperwork we need to bring please? I can only find my tickets but believe there is a waiver too? Also can you tell me how we are notified of our wave times? Jess

maura hubbard

maura hubbard

30/08/2018 21:13:27

HI am interested in doing this in a team of 2 - so we can still be a team and only pay team entry?

Rough Runner

Rough Runner Organiser

03/08/2018 14:55:13

Hi Alex, you'll get an email with your wave time 7 days before the event. Thanks, Rough Runner

Alex Mackie

Alex Mackie

10/05/2018 15:21:10

When do we find out about the on the day details such as time of our wave etc