Rough Runner Manchester (Sunday)

Having had over 12,000 Roughians in 3 years take on our obstacles at the Manchester event each October, it’s time to give you a new venue and better weather to enjoy it in! So say hello to Arley Hall in June 2018.

With a 5km, 10km and 15km route available in a stunning new estate, with rolling meadows and forest paths and lakes throughout, you’ll have a host of natural obstacles along with up to 20 of our epic, game-show inspired challenges.

And situated just west of Manchester, not far from Liverpool, there’s no excuse for not making the trip to this awesome, easily-accessible venue. See you there!

Our full range of epic obstacles will complete the picture, challenging thousands of Roughians to swing, crawl, climb, dodge and jump their way to the finish line. That’s where the Travelator will laugh at your exhausted attempts to get up the fast lane! It’s a huge event each year so get it in your diary to kick off the season in style!

The Rough Runner Challenge….. is mainly lots of FUN but also:

Rough Runner is an obstacle course challenge, combining distance running with a variety of obstacles along the way, each inspired by game shows such as Total Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle, Gladiators, and Fun House. Expect a 40m slide, giant pigeon battles, sweeper arms, big balls and yes, The Travelator!


  • Please arrive on site at least 1 hour prior to your start time, to get yourself registered, set up and ready to run!
  • For most, driving will be the best means of getting there, so grab a mate or two and road trip it!

Things you’ll need to bring:

1. A print out of your ticket, a signed waiver (here), and photo ID. You can’t race without!

2. Cash for food and drinks on site – there will not be card machines. Car parking is £5 cash on the day.

3. Suitable clothing. This is up to you, but we’d suggest a warm change of clothes for after the event and gloves to use during (for all those nets and ropes). You will get muddy, and so will your trainers, so don’t wear anything you are particularly precious about!

Otherwise just check back here in the run up to the event, or feel free to drop us a line here.


Arley Hall




  • 40 mins – Manchester Centre
  • 45 mins – Liverpool
  • 45 mins – Macclesfield
  • 1hr 15 mins mins – Leeds
  • 1hr 20 mins mins – Sheffield

Entry Fee Includes

Free spectator access to the event for your friends & Family.
Bag drop service.
An awesome medal for participating!

Want our high quality, sexy, technical T-shirt? It’s available for a mere £17.50 during checkout (or a bit extra on the day) Food stalls – don’t forget to bring some cash.


Organiser Updates (5)

Launch tickets to Manchester 2019 are live!

sent by Rough Runner on 27/07/2018 at 14:12

Thanks so much for making our Manchester event last month such a success!

We've been running the event near Manchester for 4 years now, and with the new venue at Arley Hall and the new time of year, the feedback at the event was better than ever. So we're excited to announce that we've got dates booked in for 2019, and you've got access to exclusive launch tickets with a hefty discount!

So, if you're one of the many people who were asking if we're coming back, all you need to do is take a look through your inbox for another email you'll have received yesterday (26th July). It asks for your feedback, and in return we're offering you exclusive access to launch tickets, and up to 20% off the price.

If you're not fussed about that, and just want to see the info for next year, then have a look here:

We'd love to continue to make the event a regular feature in the area for years to come, so we're hoping to see loads of you back for 2019 along with anyone you know who missed the action in June.

Finally, if you didn't get to see your event video, you'll find it here:

Thanks again, and see you next year!

Jonathan & Thorfinn (RR Founders)

Photos and videos of your epic day!

sent by Rough Runner on 28/06/2018 at 11:05

It's been over a week since you smashed the Travelator, so hope you've recovered by now!

Before the memory of it all fades, why not check out the photos and video of the event, if you haven't already?

Here's where it all is!

Travelator and course photos (paid) -

Podium/finisher photos (free) -

To find your photos, make sure you look at the right day and the rough time that'd you'd appear in them (e.g. Manchester 2018, Sat 12-1pm). For the course photos you can also search by your race number, but that only works if you managed to keep it on!

Hope you had an awesome time, and are looking forward to coming back next year - Manchester 2019 dates to be announced soon!

Jonathan & Thorfinn - Rough Runner Founders

Course photos now available!

sent by Rough Runner on 20/06/2018 at 14:15
Rough Runner official course photos are up!

All the photos from The Travelator (and some other places too) are now available to view, buy and download.

Our photography partners RandR Photos caught just about every Roughian at numerous points on the course, capturing the falls and epic fails, and the guts and the glory, as you pitted yourselves against the relentless, epic obstacles.

The photos are in timed galleries to help you easily find yourselves. Just click on the day you ran, then the obstacle and the time frame you'd have completed it. Or just  search using your race number, assuming you kept it on!

Remember, if you had several goes, there will be several sets of photos of you!

After payment you can download the photos immediately so there is no waiting before you can share them with your friends and family!

You can see all the photos right here -


sent by Rough Runner on 15/06/2018 at 09:01
Hi Roughians,

This is it! Our final checklist of what to bring to make sure you get the best out of Rough Runner this weekend.


First of all - CHECK YOUR WAVE TIME! Your ticket may say a time on it, or you may have seen another time when booking, but that is NOT your wave time (the only exception is if you've spoken with some at RR directly about yours). See yours here, along with other useful info you'll need about the day:

If you booked in the last week or so, you will not have a wave time so rock up BEFORE 10:30am and we'll fit you in. If you are coming with someone who does have a wave time, or you have a different time to your team, it's fine - show up with them and you'll be able to run together.

For the Roughian Rascals, please have a look at for wave times and info specific to the kids' event. There are 2 waves each day, and the time varies slightly on each so make sure you know when your kids are running!

DIRECTIONS! The only access is from the NORTH end of the estate. We have a one-way traffic system so if you try to come in from the South, you'll need to turn back and go around. Boring for everyone.

10KM AND 15KM RUNNERS TAKE NOTE! A few areas of the course have been baked particularly solid by the sun this past month, and some of the more uneven ground is less forgiving than usual. Best thing to do is take it slow and mind your step on these parts. Better still, our medics offer a pre-event strapping service for a few quid to help prevent an injury. Twisting an ankle is a rubbish way to finish the run so take care!


  • Photo ID
  • A print out of your ticket
  • £5 cash for parking
  • A print out of a signed waiver form (which you can download here -


  • Wear clothes that are OK in the wet - you'll end up in pools throughout the course so come prepared.
  • Gloves - you will really need them! There are a lot of ropes & nets on the course, and gloves will help a lot in protecting your hands. We will have these on sale for £10 on the day so no Roughian needs to ruin their mitts!
  • Shoes - NON-SPIKED (our inflatable obstacles really don't like them!), but suitable for rough terrain including uneven ground, forest trails and hard tracks.
  • Cash - we do take card payments where possible, but most of the catering, the showers, coffees and other village stuff will be cash only.

FUN STUFF (though also very important!):

We'll have a load more stuff in the village this year, including a Gladiator Duel arena with Powerbar, who are also fuelling all our Roughians before and after the race with free energy gels and bars, so do say hi to them as you're attempting to knock each other over with pugil sticks!
The mighty Wainwright wall will also be there, with prizes for the fastest to the top, so be sure to have a go at that while you're on site - maybe before you crack into a Golden Beer at the bar...
Finally, stick around for the Travelator knock out contest at the end of the day. It's the toughest challenge of the whole event, where you get to take on the fast lane at ever increasing speeds, with a cash prize (and a whole lot of glory) for the winner! We also drop the prices at the bar for anyone watching, so you have yet another reason to stick around and enjoy the show!
That's it. See you very soon for the best game show-inspired obstacle event you'll ever do (till you come back again!).

The Rough Runner Team

Wave times and important event info!

sent by Rough Runner on 08/06/2018 at 18:31

The event is nearly upon us!

We're in no doubt that your training is well on track, your upper body strength is nothing short of terrifying, and the Travelator will quiver at the sight of your menacing approach.

BUT, before that moment arrives, here are some important bits of info we need you to read. Enjoy!

Wave times and event essentials
We've uploaded your wave times on the link below. Just hit the link, read the essential info about the event day, and click through to find your time.

PLEASE DO READ THIS. We've had lots of people in the past who've turned up at the wrong times because they've clearly not read everything they should have! DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!

You're as near as possible to the time that was requested and we have kept you with the rest of your team. These times override any other time displayed on a ticket, email or anything else, so be sure to make a note of yours.

If you didn't book on with the rest of your team, or have been put in a different slot, DON'T WORRY! Turn up with the team and we will let you run with them.

If you bought your ticket to the event very recently, you may not appear on the list. If you have a team member who is on the list then come with them, otherwise turn up between 9.00am and 10:30am to register and we'll allocate you a wave on the day.

Be sure to read through the essentials that are on the link above at the same time. Remember to bring £5 cash for car parking, along with your ID, ticket and waiver at the very least.

Roughian Rascals, there's some specific info for your waves here:
The Travelator Knockout!

Finally, last year saw the introduction of the Travelator Knockout contest! But, it rained so much in Manchester it was a bit of a wash out, so we want to do it properly this year. It's your chance to take on the Travelator at ever increasing speeds, till there's just one Roughian standing who will win a cash prize and be crowned The Travelator Champion! Stick around till the end of the day (around 3-4pm normally) and get involved.

That's about it - We'll send you a final reminder of the essentials in a few days, so enjoy the sunshine till then!

The Rough Runner Team

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Russ Favager

Russ Favager

16/06/2018 09:23:53

Hi, Ive just injured my knee and will be unable to run on Sunday now (was part of MCT Warriors at 10.50). I keep seeing I can transfer my entry to another event but Ive just spent an hour on the website and this looks impossible to do. Can anyone help ? Thanks Russ Favager

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper

14/06/2018 21:55:30

How do you retrospectively join a team once registered and entered?