Rough Runner Scotland (Saturday)


Entering the most innovative obstacle event in the UK means you'll get to take on an ever-changing series of obstacles, each of which provides a unique challenge to test your agility, strength and team work.

All inspired by the world's favourite TV game shows, including Total Wipeout, Gladiators, Ninja Warrior and Takeshi's Castle, our obstacles are like no other, and will give you the chance to take on challenges that you'll only ever have seen on TV.

Easy to get to from these major cities:
Edinburgh - 30 mins
Glasgow - 45 mins
Perth - 1 hour
Dundee - 1 hour 20 mins
Dumfries - 1 hour 20 mins


Rough Runner is way more fun when you're watching the rest of your team wipe out! So bring your mates, family, colleagues, loved ones or anyone else who's up for a challenge, and get discounted tickets for the lot of you! Just select your estimated team size when booking to get these rates:

Do it now. Regret it never.

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sent by Rough Runner on 16/08/2019 at 10:09
Hi Roughian,

This is it!

Our final checklist of where to go and what to bring to make sure you get the best out of Rough Runner this weekend.


(and excuse the shouty capitals...).

Wave Times

First of all - CHECK YOUR WAVE TIME!

Your ticket may show your requested slot, or you may have seen another time when booking, but that is NOT your wave time (the only exception is if you've spoken with some at RR directly about changing yours). Yours is in on the link above, so please arrive roughly an hour before to get yourself ready.

You may well be asked to wait for your wave if you're too early, and you may not be able to run if you're late! If you do not appear on the list (you may have booked in the last week or so), you will not have a wave time so rock up from 9.30am to 11.30am and we'll fit you in.

If you are coming with someone who does have a wave time, or you have a different time to your team, it's fine - show up with them and you'll be able to run together. If you still have multiple tickets in your name, can you please transfer any that aren't for you to the people who are actually running, so the name on their ticket matches their ID.

If you're running the 10km or 15km, please be aware that the last waves that go out for these distances are as follows:

Final 10km wave: 2:15pm

Final 15km wave: 1:00pm

If you're struggling with anything, come see George on the help desk when you arrive. Emails at this point are very unlikely to get a reply as the team are all on site!

Event Essentials

For a full list of essentials for the event, please check out this page:

Importantly, prepare yourself for the weather! It's due to be a mix of sunshine and light showers so bring something warm to change into after the event to be safe.

Do stay on after you've run to enjoy some possible sunshine and the after-race entertainment!

Roughian Rascals (kid's event)

For the Roughian Rascals, there is just one wave each day, so please arrive an hour or so beforehand.

On Saturday, this is at 3:00pm, on Sunday this is at 2:00pm. If your Rascal can't make their time, they are welcome to come on the other day.

You'll also need a Rascal's waiver, so please print out and bring this with you:


The entrance to the car park is off Carlops Road. DO NOT follow the signs to the Penicuik House Cafe - instead follow the road signs directing you to Rough Runner! The postcode EH26 9LA should take you to the right place, at which point those signs will make everything clear.

As mentioned in yesterday's email, the car park is a 5-10 min walk from the runners village. Follow the signs, and PLEASE WALK ALONG THE ROAD, NOT ON THE GRASS VERGES! It's an historic estate, and also a family home, so please do treat it with respect. 


  •     Photo ID
  •     A print out of your ticket
  •     £8 cash for parking (ideally exact change please!)
  •     A print out of a signed waiver form, which you can download here -

Stick around for the Travelator Knock-Out Contest at the end of the day. It's the toughest challenge of the whole event, where you get to take on the fast lane at ever increasing speeds, with a cash prize, vouchers, and a whole lot of glory for the winner! It'll be the last contest ever in Scotland so make sure you see it.

We also drop the prices at the bar for anyone watching, so you have yet another reason to stay on and enjoy the show!

That's it. See you very soon for the best game show-inspired obstacle event you'll ever do.

The Rough Runner Team

Update on Rough Runner this weekend

sent by Rough Runner on 15/08/2019 at 09:20
Hi Roughian,

Just a few updates before the event this weekend.

Car Parking
Due to the heavy rain over the past fortnight, we're going to plan B for the car parking area. It may be a bit wet, so leave your low-riding Ferrari at home! It's also a 5-10 minute walk from the Runner's Village, so follow the signs once you're parked up.

The entrance is off the main road leading down to Penicuik House, NOT the entry signposted as the Penicuik House Cafe. The postcode EH26 9LA should take you to the right spot, but keep an eye out for the event signs along the Carlops Road to make sure you get to the correct entrance.

The rain has also meant the Runner's Village is laid out slightly differently, and is a little muddy! So bring clothing and footwear you can change into and out of - especially spectators. We don't want anyone ruining Gucci heels because of the mud...

And bring an umbrella just in case! It may or may not rain on the day (the forecast changes by the hour), so come prepared and you'll be able to stay and watch the action. This is our last event in Scotland so we don't want you to miss out on the atmosphere and entertainment because of the odd shower!

The Travelator Challenge
On the subject of entertainment, the end of day contest will be our final one ever! As such, the prize is the best one ever, with cash for the winner, along with £150 in vouchers from our sponsors, They're also giving EVERYONE a discount for any gear you need for the event (or after it) via their website - just use the voucher at

Nice, eh?

Waivers & wave times
Anyone who's not seen their wave time, or any other event info, head to Have a read and make sure you know when to turn up, and what to bring. At the very least, bring the following:
  • Printed ticket
  • Photo ID
  • £8 for parking (exact change much appreciated!)
  • Printed waiver - find it at
We'll send one more email tomorrow as a reminder of the essentials, so keep an eye out for that.

And see you on the course very soon!

The Rough Runner Team

Crucial event info - please read the below in full

sent by Rough Runner on 09/08/2019 at 21:11
Hi Roughian!

Hope you're as excited as we are for the event next week!

Not wanting to interrupt your training, but this email contains essential information about the event, so please read the below in full and follow the links.

Wave times

We have now put together wave times for everyone who registered their team members and requested a rough wave time.

Please take a look at the link below, where you can see all the event info you need. Follow the process and look out for the wave time option to see what time you and your team are running.


It helps massively in making sure your event experience is as smooth as possible - queuing for registration, queuing for obstacles, etc, are all hugely reduced when you turn up an hour or so before your specified wave rather than all in one go!

See yours via:

If you see your name more than once, it means you've got tickets that haven't yet been registered to your team mates, so please check the email we sent yesterday for instructions on how to do this.

If your name isn't on the list you'll still be able to run, but you won't have a specific time slot. Instead, turn up between 9.30am and 10.30am on the day and we'll fit you and your team in to the next available wave.

If you're not on there but your team mates are, or if you're in a different wave to them, just turn up with them and you can join their wave.

If you're running the 10km or 15km, please be aware that the last waves that go out for these distances are as follows:

Final 10km wave: 2.15pm

Final 15km wave: 1pm


For the kids event, they will all run together in one group in the final wave of the day. On Saturday, this is at 3pm, on Sunday this is at 2pm. If your Rascal can't make their time, they are welcome to come on the other day.

Other event essentials

Along with your wave times, you can read up on the essentials for the day via the same link as above:

At the very least, remember to bring £8 cash for car parking, along with your ID, ticket and waiver. The link to the waiver is here:

The Travelator Challenge

Finally, last year saw the introduction of the Travelator Knockout contest! It was so much fun that we'll be doing it again this year.

It's your chance to take on the Travelator at ever increasing speeds, till there's just one Roughian standing who will win a cash prize and be crowned The Travelator Champion!

Not only that, our local sponsor, Run4it, will add £100 in vouchers for first place, and £50 for 2nd as well, so you can grab some gear for your post-event runs!

It all happens towards the end of the day (around 3-4pm normally), so stick around and get involved.

That's about it. We'll send you a final reminder next week of the essentials, so until then, have a great last week of preparations!

See you next weekend.

The Rough Runner Team

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16/08/2019 10:51:03

Hi everybody. If someone cant go tomorrow Im happy to buy off your up to 4 tickets for 10km run. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. THANK YOU