The Great Gambia Run 2018

The Great Gambia Run (Bajana Int. Marathon) is organise by The Gambia Volunteers Trust (GVT). It’s a race that combines charity, running and travel to The Gambia!

Those on holidays in The Gambia during the period are welcome to join the race. There is something for everyone, with 5km, 10km and 42km options!

The race is to raise money for The Gambia Volunteers, a development charity organisation that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of skilled volunteers.

Runners will have the opportunity to not only take part in an amazing run, but to raise money for a great cause and to visit the most attractive attractions Gambia has to offer. It is the perfect place for runners to see the hinterland of The Gambia and run past villages, bush and hilly slopes.

The race takes place every year on Easter Sunday. 2017 saw over 2000 people taking part, from all over the world!

The race is timed and officiated by The Gambia Athletic Association.

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Bajana Int. Marathon 2018 Update

sent by RS Senior on 10/03/2018 at 06:57
Dear All

We are looking forward to welcoming you to The Gambia and to have a very exciting fun run at Bajana Int. Marathon 2018 organised by The Gambia Volunteers Trust. A UK and Gambian registered Charity. The race numbers will be available to collect from 25th of March by calling 3907225,  7773176 or 7362098. Race numbers will also be issued at the start lines of 5km from BESSE VILLAGE, 10KM from SOMITA VILLAGE and 42km from BUSUMBALA MARKET VILLAGE.
Please do not hesitate to email or ring for any information that you may require.

Bajana Int. Marathon

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RS Senior

RS Senior Organiser

23/06/2017 16:20:37

Brilliant race that supports charitable projects. Take a tour of Gambia's famous tourist attractions and enjoy the country. Looking forward to the 2018 great run.

Bruno Noble

Bruno Noble

23/06/2017 13:11:17

This looks like such a great event, and for a wonderful cause!