Exposure Lights TwentyFour12

Now in it's fifteenth year!!

A 4 day off-road cycling festival built around a 12 / 24 hour endurance event. TwentyFour12 is biggest mountain bike endurance event in the UK with 4 days of exciting events for all ages and all the family.

Obviously 2020 was a race year to forget. For the first time in many years the event had to be cancelled.

We're looking forward to summer and with the backing of the venue owner and the light end of the "lockdown" tunnel approaching we're confident we can make the year event happen. We're certainly committed to doing just that.

For 2021 we will host the National 24hr/12hr MTB championships. We look forward to crowning the National Champion.

Twentyfour12 is an endurance Mountain Bike Race around a course of approximately 12km, entirely off road, with a family friendly festival vibe.

Whilst the main part of the event is the 24 / 12hr event we also have so much more happening such as the 10km Trail Run on Thursday evening. On Friday we have an Ultimate USE Enduro MTB event using 6 famed sections within Newnham Park.
New for 2020 is the kids skills and thrills training session which is held on the Friday afternoon. That's all in preparation for the kids 12 / 24 minute race on the Saturday morning.

Also new for 2021 is the Friday night "Hot Lap" A mass start 1 lap blast of the full course open to any rider above the age of 14.

On top of all that we've got bike demos, more live music than ever before, trade stands, social rides, FREE Camping and much much more.

Exposure Lights TwentyFour12 30th to the 1st Aug Thursday to Sunday

As the name suggests there are multiple races taking place at the same time on the same course. We have a 24hour race and a 12hour race starting at 11am. The 12hr then finishes at 11pm whilst the 24hr continues on until 11am Sunday.
The venue is perhaps England's finest XC mountain bike site with beautiful scenery, a flat arena/camping area complimented by a course that has been used for five rounds of the Cross Country World Cup in the 1990s. It continues to have a superb reputation for variety and fun riding and is able to withstand some horrible weather and still be rideable.

So which race do you choose? - Well ask a few questions of yourself first

Have you raced your Mountain Bike off road before? Do you have people who will be able to keep you and your bike moving? Do you have high quality lights with a long 'burn time' (how long they will last before needed recharging). Can you perform well with little or no sleep? What preparation will you do? Will it freak you out being alone in the dark woods at night...

There are lots of other questions but this event is meant to be endurable and enjoyable so if you have lots of No answers to those questions then you should really be thinking about getting some like minded souls together to form a team or a pair, this will make the weekend more sociable and will aid your ability to prove that you spent the weekend taking part in a 24 hour mountain bike race, challenging yourself and creating memories to tell everybody when you go back to work on the Monday.

12 hour options Saturday Start

Solo (18yrs + )
Yes that's right, just you and your bike doing as many laps as you can in the time allowed. We have two solo categories under 40 and over 40. Category is limited to 100 riders

Pairs (16yrs +)
2 of you means you have someone to hand over to when you're tired, wet, injured or you just fancy a brew, men, women and mixed pair categories available.

Teams of 4 (16yrs +)
4 of you spread the load, which means strategy and planning or just arriving at transition to find nobody there and shouting very loudly until your cries are heard. Also means that not everyone needs amazing lights with plenty of opportunity to recharge both yours and the lights battery.

Riding the 12 hour event means you get to finish at 11pm, sit round the barbie, crack open some beers and heckle the brave souls who are carrying on for the full 24.

24 Hour options Saturday Start

Solo (18yrs +)
Keith Bontrager says you don't race for 24 hours solo, you just exist. Well that may be true but there are some mad people out there who do it regularly and can perform well without any sleep. These people usually have a dedicated team of helpers keeping them fed, watered and working (often affectionately known as pit bitches). These people should be marvelled at and celebrated (riders and bitches). This category is limited to 100 riders. For 2021 Exposure TwentyFour 12 will host the National 24hr Solo Championships (TBC)

Pairs (18Yrs +)
Same as 12 hour pairs...except twice as long. In many riders opinion 24 hour pairs is harder than 24 hour solo for deep psychological reasons... try it and you'll agree. This category also sells out...we have no idea why it is popular...prizes will be awarded for top 3 in each category.

Open Teams (18Yrs +)
4 riders in a relay format, you can choose who goes when and whether they ride 1,2 or 3 laps at a time (this means less changing over and less time wasted in the relay transition), this also means that you just be able to get some sleep but make sure you have a good alarm clock for that 4am changeover. For 2020 there are male, female, mixed and Veteran categories

24hr Fat Bike Or Singlespeed - Saturday Start

The event will start at 11am on Saturday as part of the main race. and finish at 11am on Sunday. We will be offering 2 categories for the event which are Male and Female.

Rules Fat Bikes:
- 3.8" Tyres and above only fitted to 26" or 27.5" size wheels only
- No E-Fatties

Rules Singlespeed:
- No Gears
- No E-Singlespeeds (If there is such a thing)

Please be prepared for scrutineering before the start of the event.

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 in each category

We are also offering a Single Speed (doesn't have to be a Fat Bike) category for 2021. Again Male and Female categories available.

Kids Skills & Thrills Training 30th Friday

New for 2021 is the Kids Skills and Thrills training sessions. Qualified coaches will take the kids (in age groups) off for an hour of skills training. With an emphasis on having fun through learning the coaches will work with the kids to develop their bike handling skills.

Kids Racing 31st Saturday

On the Saturday morning it's time for the kids to take to the start line for the 12 or 24minute XC race. The U16's and Under 12's will race over a slightly longer more technical course for 24 minutes whilst the U10's and U8's will complete on a slightly shorter course for 12 minutes. For 2020 the kids races will be "chip timed"

Wolverines - U16's

Sabres - U12's

Storms - U10's

Rogues - U8's

Ultimate USE Enduro 26th July Friday Start (16Yrs +)

Back in the day Newnham Park was regarded as one of the best XC World Cup courses in the world. What made it special was it's "Gnarly" (yes they used that word back then) downhills which made the venue famous. Sections like "Cottage Return" used to put the fear of god into the best riders in the world. These sections will be more technical than the standard course. We're not taking you down anything super technical and dangerous but they will certainly test the skills.

6 varied stages taking in some of the old favourites and a few new ones that will challenge any rider. The rider with the quickest times overall for all 6 stages is the winner... Simple but loads and loads of Fun!

As in 2019 you'll ride 4 stages in the day light and then ride another 2 stages in the dusk / dark (start time 8.30pm onwards). The final stage will bring you down into the main arena to finish under the arch.

Limited to 75 riders so don't sleep on getting your entry in!

Social Ride Friday Start

Friday morning we'll be taking a group of riders off the beaten track for a social ride around some of the lesser known trails. Finishing up at one of our favourite pubs in the area for a drink and some food. Look out for more details

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult

10km Exposure Lights Evening Trail Run - Thursday 29th 8.30pm

It's not all about the bike! Lets kick off the weekend with a 10km adventure trail run around the beautiful surroundings of Newnham Park. Steep climbs and tricky fast downhills... we've set a course that we test any runner whilst at the same time will be one of the most fun runs you've ever done making it suitable for all.

This run is different to other runs in that you'll need your lights!! Yes this is an evening run starting at dusk and finishing in the dark!!

Newnham has got so much to offer for a trail running lover. It's got lots of hills (up and down), hard stone tracks, muddy single track sections, water holes... the course we put together includes bits of everything whilst also taking runners off the beaten track.

Don't expect any walls to climb over or barbed wire to go under. No boring grass farmers fields…. This is a "Trail Run" we use one of the best and most beautiful areas in the country filled with fantastic natural trails that make the area such a destination site.

The course / route is a tough one but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for everybody. We don’t time cut offs or anything like that. Some runners will choose to blast round whilst others will run / walk the route and just enjoy being outdoor enjoying the experience

- Medal and goodie bag for all finishers
- Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult

Organiser Updates (1)

2020 Exposure Light 24/12 Postponed

sent by Run & Ride on 08/06/2020 at 21:23
Good Evening, 

Over the last few days we've talking with our team, sponsors and the land owner about how and if this years event was/is going to go ahead. We've all been so committed to making the happen which is why we've left it as late as possible to make a final decision. 

We've been brain storming on how we could make the event happen whilst adhering to social distancing measures, still keeping the vibe of the event and most importantly not putting anybody at risk. 

We came up with loads of ideas such as segregating the camping, testing everybody's  temperature at the entrance, staggered starts even putting the event back 2 months in hope that a cure will be found. 

It was a final conversation with David the landowner that made us realise that we needed to postpone this years event until 2021. We could put a number of controls in place to reduce the risk but we simply could never remove it. There would always be a chance that somebody could attend the event, catch the virus from somebody else and become seriously ill.

Now we are all keen to race but we simply can't risk the health and wellbeing off any competitors, helpers, supporters, friends or family members for a race. Regardless of how desperate we are to get back to racing. 

So for now racing continues to be on hold. All entrants will be automatically transferred over to the new date next year. You don't need to action anything. 

If you do want a refund then that is available to you. We'll be honest and say that if everybody puts through a refund then the cost to us in fees (banking and website transaction fees) will be huge. So we're asking that those that plan to race with us next year please leave your entry as it is for the time being. 

As a way of saying thank you we’ll provide a free event T-shirt for those that don’t process a refund.

Finally there’s still an option to get your race fix this July. Trust Races are organising a FREE virtual event on July 25th. Riding or running, 24, 12 and 6 hour time lengths with MTB, Gravel, E-Bike and Running categories. For more details see their Facebook page. 

We appreciate your support and hope to see you soon


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07/04/2021 19:48:49

Hi, Is 17 years old too young to enter the 12 hour solo race. Thanks

Nobby Clark

Nobby Clark

19/03/2021 17:24:23

I've not heard anything about my entry carried over from last year & there's nothing showing under 'entries' on my account

Darran Hunter

Darran Hunter

01/03/2021 12:48:37

Hi, for my team entry in 2020 I accidentally entered us into the 24hr....is it possible to convert that to the 12 before the day? Thank you Darran Hunter

Martin Ollerenshaw

Martin Ollerenshaw

26/02/2021 12:34:06

Hi I am just trying to sort my entrance into the event and would like to ask which one should I enter my 7 year old son into? I can seem to make out what is the difference between these 2 options? KIDS SKILLS AND THRILLS (FRIDAY COACHING / SATURDAY RACE) and KIDS 12 / 24 MINUTE XC RACE (SATURDAY 9AM) Two years ago he did some races on both Friday and Saturday, and loved doing the 12 min race, can you advise me which one I should be entering him for. Thank you, Martin

Run & Ride

Run & Ride Organiser

25/02/2021 07:39:56

Hi Sly, sorry but the event is a max of 4 per team for this year. Thanks