12 Days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas (Almost virtual!)

Starting from the 1st of December run 1k per day + 1 more etc!

Day 1 1k
Day 2 2k
Day 3 3k
Day 4 4k
Day 5 5k
Day 6 6k
Day 7 7k
Day 8 8k
Day 9 9k
Day 10 10k
Day 11 11k
Day 12 12 K

Your entry into this virtual event gives you discounted entry to the Brighouse 10k on the 12th December where an additional fully marked loop will be added to give you that 12k for your pleasure!

We have acquired unique finishers mementos for those who compete days 1 - 12...

Strava Art

For a little bonus, we have something a little special;
On any of your runs if you draw either a Snowman or Santa share that image across social media and the best/most interesting/ most innovative will receive one of these super awesome tree hangers... see below! (winner will be voted for on the 12th)

All Proceeds going to the Air Ambulance

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