Sun City Triathlon

Has the excitement of a beach start, run in the water and swim the simple course with water safety provided – wetsuit will be required.

Bike a fast and fantastic 4 lap course, ending with a picturesque 5k run through park, promenade and parade.

Races start at 7:30am.

Being on the newly developed seafront there are loads of good vantage points, with seats for spectators. There’s a local crowd and plenty for family and friends to do after the race.

Apart from the above, you will get access to the Marriott Hotel which will have some refreshments, a meet 'n' greet hall with room for all to chat away those nerves and keep warm. It also has ample toilet facilities.

There will be a souvenir video available for high res download to show off, and you will also get a simple link to share on your Facebook, Twitter etc. So everyone can see what you achieved! Ideal for charity athletes.


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