The Howling Trail Chase

You are one of a pack of Omega Wolves... Lost.


To return to the Lair AND evade capture from the Alpha Wolves


You will be released near Chorley Old Road and attempt to run back to the safety of your Lair located in Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen. 20 minutes after your departure, we will release 6 Alpha Wolves to come and chase you down.

You may choose any route you wish from the start line to the Lair. Each Omega will have a GPS tracker.

As the crow flies, the distance back to the Lair is 10-11 miles.. However, your aim is to also evade the Alpha Wolves, some of which may take the direct route!

Each Omega will be graded during the run.

The 30 Omegas with lowest elevation gained throughout will earn the Wooden Spoon of Shame!

If both Towers are hit (Rivington and Darwen) you will earn the 2 Towers Howler Pin to attach to your medal ribbon.

​How Many Alphas will chase?

We will release 6 Alpha Wolves to chase you down. Our Alphas are experienced trail & fell runners with a lot of navigation experience. The Alphas will choose any route they wish to take. If an Alpha Wolf catches you they will record your race number before you can continue.

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