West Pennine Moors Double Ultra Marathon


Our 2018 Double Challenge was a huge success and we would like to thank every runner who came and took on our 2 day event! You guys and girls made it what it was! A spectacular weekend!


Take on 1 or both of our 30 Mile routes, spanning the Glorious West Pennines!

Both routes take in some of the most beautiful trails of the west pennines from Sunnyhurst boasting some challenging climbs, undulating terrain and whatever mother nature decides to throw at you on the day(s) we are confident you will remember this challenge long after you conquer it!

What is the West Pennines Double Ultra Marathon?

Quite simply, 2 x 30 miles Ultra Marathons! One on the Sat and one on the Sun (both starting at 8.30am).

Each route is different, but both start and end in Sunnyhurst Woods. Each route has 3 fuel stations loaded with lots of foods, water and energy drinks!

​When you get back to the finish line each day we have some nice hot food laid on.. Plus, there is a bar open too!

So... If you think you got the minerals to take on our West Pennines Double (or Single) Ultra.. We welcome you to the startline and will reward with you some serious bling and a tee for your efforts!

​Are you up for the challenge?



Start and finish 200m from the Olde English Kiosk within Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen. Please note. Tgese trails ARE NOT marked. Runners are provided gpx files of each route an we will host recce runs leading up to race day. From the startline, the trail gets steep, pretty quickly! So ensure you are conditioned to take on long, steep ascents!


Parking is minimal within Sunnyhurst woods, however, there is plenty of parking along Earnsdale road, next to the woods. Please be at the startline at 8.45am for a race brief.


Registration will take place at The Olde English Kiosk. There will also be a bag drop available at this location free of charge. Registration will be open from 7am. You MUST re-register on day 2 at the admin table.


Of course! And a tee too! NOTE. You only get your bling if you complete both marathons.


There will be a medical presence located at the start line and on the route. If there is an emergency situation with a runner on the fells, Bolton Mountain Rescue are on standby to extract.


Trail or Fell Trainers are an absolute must for this event.


Runners are permitted to listen to music but we ask you only have 1 earbud in so you are able to hear any instructions ffrom marshaling staff.


There will be a water stations around the route. Should you require more water on route, we advise you carry it with you. There will be a hot meal at the finish line after your race. There is also a licenced bar that will be open! We hope you stay and have a drink with us afterwards!


There are toilets near to the startline. There will be no change facillities.

​REMEMBER.. Both days have to be completed to earn your bling!

​Are you up for the challenge?

​Mandatory kit list

  • Ultra running belt or backpack with the ability to hold 500ml -1L of fluids
  • Hat and gloves
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Suitable race wear
  • Prescribed medication
  • Map of route (will be emailed to registered runners) (OS287)

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Howler Events

Howler Events Organiser

05/10/2018 17:10:15

Hi there! it's about 1300m each day!

Heidi Strickler

Heidi Strickler

05/10/2018 10:11:53

What is the elevation gain for each day? Cheers

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