Ripon Junior Triathlon

The Ripon Junior Triathlon is proudly presented by TBF events in collaboration with The Brownlee Foundation, NYP Tri Club and NYP Tristars.

This Junior Triathlon forms part of the Ripon Triathlon Festival, where we have a weekend of events suitable for everyone. The Ripon Junior Triathlon caters for children from 8 years old (born 2016) up to Youth athletes aged 16 (born 2008).


Alongside the sporting events, participants can camp at the venue and enjoy food, drink and entertainment. Caravans and motor-homes are permitted, but there are no electric hookup points. Come and enjoy a complete weekend endurance festival, with Yorkshire hospitality and in a glorious Yorkshire location.

And best of all, the money raised from the events goes straight to The Brownlee Foundation to allow young people to experience Triathlon at one of our events.

Entry Options

Tristart 8yrs (born 2016) (Sun) 100m/1000m/600m
Tristar 1 9&10yrs (born 2014/2015) (Sun) 200m/2000m/1200m
Tristar 2 11&12yrs (born 2012/2013) (Sun) 300m/4000m/1800m
Tristar 3 13&14yrs (born 2010/2011) (Sun) 500m/6000m/2400m
Youth 15&16yrs (born 2008/2009) (Sun) 500m/6000m/2400m


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