The Spring Trail Series by Ultra X

The Spring Trail Series by Ultra X takes place on the Serpent Trail, a stunning route that weaves through the greensand hills, river, woodland, and lowland heath of the South Downs National Park, a habitat which is rarer than rainforest and home to a variety of rare and endangered species.

Entry Options

75km Individual Entry
75km Team Entry ( 3+ )
75km Armed Forces Entry
50km Individual Entry
50km Team Entry ( 3+ )
50km Armed Forces Entry
25km Individual Entry
25km Team Entry ( 3+ )
25km Armed Forces Entry


You can manage your entries in the section of your Racer Dashboard.

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Sam Heward

Sam Heward Organiser

26/01/2023 09:08:59

2,583m . Thanks, Harry

tal Brener

tal Brener

25/01/2023 13:53:00

what is the total elevation for the 75k race?