Huddersfield Marathon & Half Marathon

Taking place on June 2nd, the 2019 Huddersfield Marathon is a great way to bring your summer to an exciting and fulfilling start. Incorporating a half Marathon and the HD3 Fitness fun run at HQ. It's already on many "to-do" lists for the year!

The Route: It's the toughest road marathon & half marathon in the UK!

The Event Ethos: This is no ordinary marathon. It is a unique, bespoke, family event with the option of a half marathon and the addition of the family fun run

The Entertainment: On the well marked course you will be supported by a whole host of people, local running groups and charities etc. The fuel and drink station will have snacks & drinks ready for you as you pass by.

How to Enter The Event: In order to keep this marathon special, entries are restricted to just 300 these are on a first come first served basis

Tech-t £3.00 medal £1.00

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Organic Adventure

Organic Adventure Organiser

04/03/2019 17:10:01

Hi Peter, we have searched our emails from the past month and found nothing from you at all. Can you try [email protected] please.

Michael Tinker

Michael Tinker

03/03/2019 12:57:43

looking forward to the marathon in June i have spen 20 miler next sunday as a training run

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey

21/02/2019 03:41:14

Tried to contact the organiser of the event twice already, no response in two weeks. Please can you respond to my emails? Thanks

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