White Rose Ultra

Registration : Friday 3rd November 17:00 - 20.00 Saturday 4th November 06:30 - 7:50

Start : 08:00

Closing Date : End of October or when full (250 limit)

Prizes : 1st, 2nd, 3rd male
1st, 2nd, 3rd female
Medal + T-shirt, for all who finish

Results : These published asap after the finish.

White Rose Ultra -
Nov 4th 2017 30-60-100 mile

30, 60 or 100 mile ultra marathon
Hosted by Team OA in the fabulous Colne Valley in God’s own county... Yorkshire the heart of Great Britain!
The 30 Just a few short miles up from a marathon, perfect step to ultra distance
​The route takes in sections of the Kirklees Way (Ultra Kirklees Way #UKW, Pennine Way (Spine Race #TheSpineRace #Challenger2017
& #Pennine268) and many other local tracks and trails. #WRU

Organiser Updates (2)

Oldham Way Ultra

sent by Team OA on 08/04/2018 at 08:05

Dear Athlete

 Oldham Way Ultra, as many of you will know we had to reschedule this years event due to slightly snowy conditions! The new date is less than 2 weeks aways 22nd April.

 Entries are still open but close this Sunday at midnight….unless we sell out!

 You can enter here via British Triathlon: www.racespace.com/wane-law/oldham-way-ultra-red-rose-ultra-2

Full race info on the event webpage here: www.OldhamWayUltra.co.uk

 Well I hope you will join us for yet another excellent event!

 Best wishes Wane

Race Director


PS - if you’ve already entered; thanks, race instructions out via email on Wednesday before.


Race Day Info

sent by Team OA on 26/10/2017 at 11:46

Race Day Info   

30, 60 & 100 mile WRU all start 08:00 Saturday 4th November. 

Registration will be open from 19:00 - 21:00 Friday 3rd November and again from 06:30 - 7:45 Saturday 4th November.


Welcome to the fifth edition of the White Rose Ultra which starts and finishes at:

Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre

Waters Road




Saturday 4th November for the WRU 100/30/60 mile. Below is some important information to help you prepare for race day.

Please have a read through, and if at the end you still have some questions, please get in touch via email (see below)


All runners must register even if pre-entered. Here you will receive your, race number, safety pins, GPS tracker and any other information you may need. This will take place 19:00 - 21:00 Friday 3rd November and again from 06:30 - 7:50 Saturday 4th November. (Race starts at 08:00)

If you are late to registration you won't be starting, make sure you know where you are going, where you are parking and don't leave any of this to the last minute.

 Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre, Waters Road, Marsden, Huddersfield, HD7 6NQ

(research this right now, print of a route to it, know where you are going, staff are busy on event days and will not be available to guide you over the phone!)

At registration you will need to bring with you one form of photo identification to show at registration. This can be a photo-card driving licence, passport or any other identification card or membership card as long as it has your photo on. We have to be strict on this one – no ID, no start. Also, bring along your run pack (rucksack/bumbag etc) as there will be a kit check, and we will need to attach your GPS tracker (60/100mile).

You will receive:

• Race Number

• If you have any special 

• medical condition which might 

• require attention, please mark a red 

• cross in the top right corner on the 

• front of your race number.

• • Your race number must be securely 

• fastened with safety pins on all four 

• corners & be clearly visible.

• • You will not be allowed into the 

• runner’s only areas or to start unless 

• you are wearing your number & carrying the required kit.

• • At the finish, positions and times will 

• not be given to numberless runners 

• and they will not be permitted to 

• cross the finish line.

• • Numbers must be worn as issued
and NOT be cut, folded, otherwise
Concealed or mutilated in any way, any of these and you won't be getting a finish time.

• There does seem to be some confusion over this last point, we did think it was simple but: If you alter the race number in anyway, by folding, cutting or your number is not clearly visible at ALL times etc, that is you telling us that you are no longer wanting to be a part of the event. 


• GPS Trackers (60 and 30 mile runners)

Must I return my tracker? YES.

They are not intended to be disposable. You will be charged a fee £180.00 if you do not return the tracker. Volunteers will remove the tracker after you finish the race. If you don't make it to the finish line, please contact us before leaving the area.

How do I attach the tracker?

At race registration a member of our team will attach the tracker to the start of your pack, this is the only location that the tracker can be attached to.


• Baggage Tag

• •All competitors in the Ultra, receive a baggage tag.

• •If you wish to leave baggage in the 

• baggage store (within HQ ), you 

• will be required to provide your own 

• strong bag for storing your kit in 

• during the race.

• •Please ensure that the baggage tag 

• with your race number clearly written and

• is securely fastened to your bag.

• YOU are responsible for collecting all kit from the baggage store at the end of your race, we will not post or forward on any left kit.


Parking is available in the area but please park sensibly. Parking within the Race HQ is NOT available, see map below.


For Friday night– there is plenty of choice of good eateries in area, search Slaithwaite, Milnsbridge, Meltham all within 5 minutes drive. 

On Saturday afternoon onwards to the last person finishing, a choice of veggie chillie, breads, rice puddings and other savoury/sweat snacks tea coffee and cold drinks will be available the whole weekend.

Mandatory Kit

The mandatory kit list has been on our website for a while now, so hopefully you will have already got your kit sorted, but just as a reminder you are required to take with you and have with you at all times, the following items:

• Waterproof jacket - not a bin bag or fashion jacket. It needs to have a waterproof membrane and taped seams.

• Waterproof trousers - as above

• Insulated layer - fleece / lightweight duvet jacket

• Long sleeve top

• Hat and gloves

• Water bottle / Cup

• Torch and spare batteries (or spare torch)

• Mobile phone

• Whistle

The mandatory kit is for all of you no exceptions. 

Event Emergency Phone Number

In the event of an incident that requires urgent medical attention in hospital call 999 or 112 and depending on your location request either the ambulance (if you are near a road or town) or if you are somewhere remote ask for the police and then ask for the mountain rescue. Note – 112 is the better choice for mobiles as you will not need to enter the phones pin number and the phone will search for other networks. After calling the emergency services, please notify our Event HQ – number below.

All Team OA Event Headquarters have emergency contact numbers. Please call this if you require any assistance during the event. The numbers are: 

07717 711343 - 01484 599123

Please put this number in your phone before the start of the race, actually put it in right now– just in case!

Start and Registration

Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre

Waters Road




The Route

The route is well marked. The signs are A5 size - hi-vis, blue arrows on a yellow background.

As a word of caution out of the two lost runner incidents, in the past 4 years one was due to people following a person who had pulled out of the race and was been picked up by his mum. The second, a chap was going off route to a super market, he managed to draw quite a following!

Run your own race. 

Route Specific Notes

• You must follow the route as marked.

• You MUST visit all the aid stations along the route.

• Take care crossing roads you will cross the main Manchester to Huddersfield road twice on each lap of the route.

• Please respect the local residents in the villages and towns along the route by keeping any noise to a minimum – especially where you will be passing through these places at night.

Feed / Water Stations

Feed stations

Kilometre 19, Black Moor Foot reservoir 

Kilometre 29, Ley Moor Rd

These are all manned by volunteers for the duration of the event and will supply competitors only, with fruit, (Mellon, Banana, Oranges) savoury snacks (Crisps, sausage rolls, pies etc) as well as water and juice, from time to time hot drinks will also be available. 

Water only stations

Kilometre 10, Wessenden Head Rd

Kilometre 36, Pole Moor

These are unmanned, here you will find plenty of fresh water, remember the event is cup-less. 

(Please treat feed stations as a bonus to your own nutrition, although it may seem like a great idea to grab everything on display, if you haven't trained with it should you really risk it during the big day!)

Cut Offs

We have decided to be a little more generous with the cut offs this year, to hopefully allow everyone to complete the route without any added stress.

*cut off times - the physical cut off times are as follows after these times for your safety, you will be removed from the course and returned to race HQ

WRU 100 - 30 hours 

WRU 60 - 16 Hours

WRU 30 8 hours

However; In addition to these times, WRU 60 cut off 8 hours at mile 30, WRU 100 cut off 24 hours at mile 60. (Mile 30/60 is Race HQ) If you are not on your way before these times or we strongly feel you will not make the next cut off we will be stopping you for both your safety and the safety of others.


If for any reason you decide not to continue to the finish, please either report to an event marshal – giving them your name, race number & tracker or call the Event Emergency number and we will advise you what to do. Please do not jump on a bus, get a lift, go home or back to your hotel before doing this. If we do not hear from you at the end of the event, we will have no choice but to call out the emergency services to look for you, this cost will be passed on to you.


We will have our event photographer’s popping up along the route taking pictures of you all. The event photographs will be available on our Facebook page shortly after the event, and on our online portfolio shortly after, all our photos are free to download and use.


Your supporters are very welcome to come along to cheer you on, but we do not allow them in or at the feed stations, these are competitor only areas. We would also ask that spectators do not park on the roads near the feed stations as this will result in a lot of congestion and may impede runners and put them in danger from other road users (whose vision may be blocked). Consider this, an event of this size struggles to have a good amount of support staff so don't be surprised if we ask you supporters to assist others and not just you!


The finish will be in the grounds of the Standedge visitors centre. There will be arrows directing you into the grounds. 

Post-race Meal

We have arranged hot food for all competitors at the finish. A voucher will be given to each finisher for a well-earned meal and plenty of tea & coffee. Food will be available for all finishers until 30 minutes after the last runner crosses the line at the WRU 100 mile, 30 hour point.


The final result list will appear on the website shortly after the event has finished. www.whiteroseultra.co.uk


This will take place soon after the first three men & first three ladies have finished in each distance, no sooner, if you aren't there on the podium you won't be getting your prize!

Look forward to seeing you on the start line.

Support Staff

An event like this does not happen without the generous support of our lovely volunteers, this year we are low ow staff so please ask any friends or family that might be coming along with you if they could spare a few hours to assist at a feed station, can you ask them to contact [email protected] asap. (Free entry for them or you, to the 2018 WRU or a similar Team OA event!)

Team OA

Any further queries or questions?

Please contact us immediately:

Telephone: 01484 599123 [email protected]

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