Give your Racers peace of mind

Now they have the confidence they need to enter.

Every athlete knows that injury or unforeseen circumstances can hit at any time, jeopardising their ability to take part. Even with price rises, this can lead participants to put off purchase and potentially decide against an entry.

Booking Protect is an optional extra that you can add on, protecting 100% of the ticket value for your participants against unforseen issues like illness and injury right up until the day before the event. You keep a percentage of the protection fee AND in the case of a refund, you don't need to fund it yourself. Keep the ticket value and add the ticket back into your sellable inventory.

Make more sales while motivation is high, increase your revenue per participant and keep any refunded amounts with the click of a button.

Key benefits of Booking Protection

Increased Attendance

Make more sales when motivation is high with coverage alleviating purchase concerns.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream

Keep a percentage of any Booking Protect purchased & keep any refunded amounts.

Issue Less Refunds

Don't be put on the spot for refund requests when advanced refund protection was available at purchase. Any refunds made where booking protection are purchased, are paid out by Booking Protect.

Customer Satisfaction

Claimants complete one simple digital form & are assigned a personal customer service agent that handles the rest of the process with them.

A first-class service for your participants

Awarded 'Best Use Of Customer Service Technology' at the 2018 UK Customer Service Excellence Awards.

Booking Protect are the global leaders in booking protection offering your customer the best service and experience in the unfortunate case they need to cancel. As your partners, Booking Protect ensure that your event is five-star by offering the best service in the industry, the most flexible refund policy, and the most seamless experience on the front end and the back end.


Frequently asked questions

What are the costs to a race organiser for Booking Protect?
There are no costs to you as the race organiser!
What are the costs to the participants for Booking Protect?
Prices vary slightly based on ticket price, but is usually around 8% of the transaction amount.
What percentage of the Booking Protect value go to the ace organiser?
10% of the Booking Protect value goes to the race organiser.
Does the refund still come from my account?
No. All refunds are paid by Booking Protect, directly to the participant & the ticket can go back into circulation for resale.
How many participants purchase Booking Protect?
This can vary widely based on ticket price, how long until the event, what type of event it is and the event experience of average participant etc, however industry standard is 10% - 20% over all variables.