The Howling Trail Chase

Dear Omega. Welcome to The Chase.

There are only 3 rules with possible 3 outcomes.

3 rules.
2. Make it safely to the lair.
3. Within a 3.30hr cut off.

3 outcomes.
1. You make it safely to the lair.
2. You get chased down and caught.
3. You get scared in the dark and run home to your mama.
You will be released from the Blundell Arms Pub on the Chorley old road. 20 mins later the Howler will release a number of Alphas to chase you down.
You choose your own route but the Howler will be watching. Yes. You will be GPS trackered with live link for friends and family.
There is no aid.
There is no help.
It is you... Alone in the dark.. Being hunted.
Can you make it safely to the lair at St Cuthberts church on the Earnsdale road?
The 10 runners with the lowest elevation earns the wooden spoon of shame (WSoS)
If both the Rivington and Jubilee towers are pinged on your trackers you will earn the Howler pin badge for your medal ribbon.
If you are caught you will get the (I GOT CAUGHT) pin badge for your ribbon...
Equally a pin badge (I DIDNT GET CAUGHT) if you make it back undetected.
If an Alpha catches you, your bib number will be recorded before you can carry on.
The chase is on... If you dare...



Running pack or belt with ability to hold 500ml - 1l of water


Seamed waterproof jacket with hood

Hat and gloves

GPS Tracker - Issued by Howler

Clothing to suit the weather. Thermal layers covering legs if snowing for example.

Fully charged mobile phone



Entry Options

The Howling Trail Chase


Unfortunately we do not offer refunds however, runners may transfer there number to someone else up to 30.9.19


  • You may trade your entry for a Transfer Credit FREE of cost until 30/09/2019.
  • You will have 12 months (from the date of the event) to spend your Transfer Credit. You may also use your Transfer Credit to enter someone else.
  • Click here for more info on Transfers.

You can manage your entries in the section of your Racer Dashboard.

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