Betws-y-Coed 13.1

This half marathon is New and Exciting event aimed at trail runners looking to finish off their running year with a spectacular event with amazing scenery. There is also an option for Canicross runners to take part with a 30min delayed start time plus the option to do the 5k and 10k routes.

You will receive some nice medal bling, a tech tee and a mince pie with a hot drink.

Terms and Conditions apply. See our website for details.

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Betws-y-Coed Race brief

sent by Marathon Trails UK on 06/02/2017 at 18:51
Hi Everyone! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome everyone for this event which is a first for us at this location. 


There is a half marathon, 10km and 5km (ish).  Each route will take you over varied terrain, sandy track, grassy track, stony trail, soily trail and over varying degrees of ascent and descent!  We promise the routes are truly peaceful and enjoyable!

The route will be well marked and well marshalled throughout the event.  There will be different coloured route signs to follow. We will brief you before setting off as to which one to follow. 

 It is important to listen in to all event marshals throughout. 

Warning: The route currently has some deforesting going on at the moment so please if you come across any deforesting areas, abide to the signs and take care. 


The gun goes at 10am for all the races except for canicross where the start time will be delayed to 10:30am.  

Please make sure to register atleast 30 mins before the race starts and that you are at the start line ready to go 10 minutes before the Gun to listen to the race brief from race staff.

​The registration will be open from 8:30am. 

The registration/event address is located in the centre of the town. Please park at the main car park outside the train station. We will be located in the small open grass area directly in the centre. You won't be able to miss us as there is only one main road to use to the car park and you pass right by us. The post code is LL24. 


There  will be admin shelters for all to use at the registration area. There are also local rest rooms available near the registration for your pre run trots. 

There will be 2 water stations on route and at the registration area. We will not be providing any t
ype of energy drink or gels so if you do take these, please bring enough with you, however, there will be jelly babies or similar type sweets! There will also be a free buffet for all finishers. And there will also be a few local food and drink amenities open on the day.

Please if you take a bottle of water please throw it in a bin if you pass one or leave it in the road so we can clean it up later. We would like to leave the area in the same state as we found it. 

There will be race photography on the route and available for you free of charge post race.


You may run with music such as an IPOD but we ask that you only wear one ear phone so you can be aware of any marshals who may need to speak to you on the route.  


There will be a first aid point near the admin area and there will be an ambulance on standby.  The course is also marshalled and all marshalls will have communications to the medical facilities.


We recommend all runners to wear trail trainers (not brand new!), to handle the terrain and look after your feet/ankles over the terrain.  No spikes. 


Each runner will have an individual bib issued to them to give you your individual lap times. Your race number must be visible and secure on your running vest/top at all times. 


There is plenty of parking in the town of Betws-y-coed but we would recommend car sharing to help bring cost down. 

Parking fees do apply so bring change.


We don't really like goody bags so, there will be mince pies as promised and some donuts for all who finish together with a medal and tech tee. 

If you have any further questions please email us at [email protected] and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Hope you all have a great week ahead and see you on race day. 

Kind Regards




sent by Marathon Trails UK on 13/12/2016 at 19:23
Hi everone, 

We would like to take this opportunity thank everyone for signing up for this new Half Marathon. 

Unfortunately the race Director Lee, who is taking this event has been injured whilst working abroad (for security reasons we cannot state where or what he was doing) and will be unable to take the race. We have tried to get a round this so the race goes ahead, however we have been unable to. 

We have had to move fast to get the race postponed until 12th Feb 2017. This is the earliest date we can do this. 

We have the medals, shirts and bibs ready to go so please don't worry it will happen. 

Due to forc majeure we won't be giving anyone a full refund. Hoever we will refund 25% to everyone who turns up on race. Also if you have somehting planned on that weekend already please send us confirmation and we will give you a full refund. 

We hope that you all understand and we are devastted at this and I am sure you will help us wish Lee a speedy recovery. 

We will now instruct Racespace to change the race date. 

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Kind Regards

Team Mara Trails UK


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Andrea Reynolds

Andrea Reynolds

05/02/2017 14:39:56

We are in! We are the sweepers!

Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer

11/01/2017 16:29:28

I'm in, looking forward to it.

Tracey Lyon

Tracey Lyon

11/11/2016 19:05:03

one way to run off the food and drink ;)

Derek Mason

Derek Mason

11/10/2016 20:03:46

Best get training now then.