10km Guided Trail Run Map Reading Package

Team Howler are hosting a guided 10km trail run with a life saving map reading package taking you over the stunning Holcombe Moorlands!

Perfect for those wanting to step up to trail running or those wanting the inside knowledge to enter self nav events such as our Punisher and 3 Towers Ultra!

The day will start at 10am and speed will be steady to keep the group together with plenty of stops to consult the map and understand navigation via Ordnance Survey Mapping and compass.

Runners who have entered our Punisher and/or 3 Towers Ultras (Not available for Dirty Double) are entitled to free entry on this event.

Those who wish to enter the Punisher or 3 Towers Ultra at a later date are entitled to a £10 reclaim of this event. *on booking of stated event, a refund or cash on race day will be issued in lieu of this event.

This event will be taken by a very experienced mountain runner and Howler Ambassador, skilled in map and compass and all things trail! We guarantee you will have a fantastic day with us and we look forward to seeing you at the start line!

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