West Pennines Trail Marathon (Saturday)

26.2 (slightly over!) challenging miles across the glorious West Pennines taking in some of the most challenging climbs, technical trails and even bog snorkelling in some parts... This event has it all!

We absolutely believe this will be an event to remember, giving you panoramic views from the top of the moors, rugged terrain that will challenge you mentally and physically and to top it all off, you will be rewarded with some serious bling and tee for your hard efforts!

​Plenty of water/fuel stations along the route and when it's all over, the Olde English Kiosk will be open for food and of course, there is a licenced bar there too! Starting in the picturesque Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen... Our West Pennines Trail Marathon quickly ventures up onto the moors, taking you on a 26.2 ish mile journey of stunning scenery and challenging terrain in one big loop.

We have selected the best trails the west pennine moors has to offer that will surely test your legs, lungs and mental strength before returning back past the Darwen Tower and into the finishline where there will be a nice bit of bling and tee waiting for you.. Plus, there is a bar, right there at the finish line!



Start and finish 200m from the Olde English Kiosk within Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen. Each trail will be signed and marshaled for your safety however, please ensure you learn the route as signs can be moved and fog can drop limiting the effectiveness of signage. From the startline, the trail gets steep, pretty quickly! So ensure you are conditioned to take on long, steep ascents!


Parking is minimal within Sunnyhurst woods, however, there is plenty of parking along Earnsdale road, next to the woods. Please be at the startline at 8.45am for a race brief.


Registration will take place at The Olde English Kiosk. There will also be a bag drop available at this location free of charge. Registration will be open from 7am.


Of course! And a tee too! NOTE.


There will be a medical presence located at the start line and on the route. If there is an emergency situation with a runner on the fells, Bolton Mountain Rescue are on standby to extract.


Trail or Fell Trainers are an absolute must for this event.


Runners are permitted to listen to music but we ask you only have 1 earbud in so you are able to hear any instructions ffrom marshaling staff.


There will be a water stations around the route. Should you require more water on route, we advise you carry it with you. There will be a hot meal at the finish line after your race. There is also a licenced bar that will be open! We hope you stay and have a drink with us afterwards!


There are toilets near to the startline. There will be no change facillities.

​Are you up for the challenge?

​Mandatory kit list

  • Ultra running belt or backpack with the ability to hold 500ml -1L of fluids
  • Hat and gloves
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Suitable race wear
  • Prescribed medication
  • Map of route (will be emailed to registered runners) (OS287)

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