The Buckingham Cycle Sportive

Open your season with this stunning sportive.

The BuckingHam is one not to be missed! Rolling along quiet country lanes, passing through picturesque country villages, tackling some early season climbs - this event has everything you need to kick-start your season.

Dust off your bike and get your cycling started, or test out how well your winter turbo sessions have gone, by trying either the SHORT (40 Miles) or STANDARD (60 Miles) course

Both courses start and finish at The Buckingham School, London Road, Buckingham MK18 1AT.

Cycling through the Aylesbury Vale offers the chance for some beautiful scenery on quiet, undulating country roads. Both rides head north together towards the magnificent grounds of Stowe School, before splitting and turning south through the gently rolling lands of Buckinghamshire. The courses reunite at Steeple Claydon, before finishing together again at The Buckingham School.

Free parking. Full and clear route marking. Manned Feed stations on each course. Sweeper wagon & First Aid. Bespoke finishers medal. Hot food and drink to buy at the start and finish.



Registration from 07:30

Start times between 08:00 and 10:00 – please be sure to set off early if you are a slower or novice rider.

Cut-off time is 4pm.

Getting there:

The address of Race HQ is The Buckingham School, London Rd, Buckingham, MK18 1AT.

Parking and Event HQ:

Parking is on-site in the school grounds – please park considerately

What to bring:

Your ID (in case of emergency); our emergency number (this will be advised by us in the week preceding the event); mobile phone (fully charged!); route maps (these will be sent to you prior to event day – you can choose a gpx file or a printable version); food for the ride; full water bottles for the ride; money; bike tool kit; working bike pump; spare inner tubes; appropriate clothing for the weather; spare clothing; bike – this MUST be in good condition, safe to ride on the road, with conventional handlebars; cycle helmet – you MUST wear a helmet, please see our terms & conditions on the website for compliance standards.

Mechanical Support:

There will be mechanical support at the event, should you need any minor repairs or adjustments before the race starts. Please note that any repairs/adjustments made on the day are at your own risk. Bike maintenance while you are out on the course remains your own responsibility, however mechanical assistance will be there for you to call if you have a major malfunction!


There is limited stored baggage provision for those arriving by bike – this is unsecured, so please do not leave valuables. If you are driving to the venue, please leave your belongings in your car.


Toilets are available at the Event HQ.


Opens at 7:30am at Event HQ and will be clearly signed for you. You will be given your rider number and your timing chip.

  • Please wear your helmet securely fitted when you register – this is for the staff to affix your chip correctly. Your disposable chip will be stuck onto the left side of your cycle helmet. It must be fitted to a dry helmet and only on the plastic part of the helmet (not on any non-plastic type area near the strap)

  • Your rider number should be fitted to your handlebars with the cable ties provided

The emergency numbers can be found on the reverse of your bike number

Pre event checks:

Please be sure to check your bike & helmet before going to the start. Also make sure you have your water, food/gels, mobile phone, emergency numbers, chip, rider number, tools, pump, inner tubes, spare jacket/clothing, etc, with you before heading to the start.

Rider briefing:

This is mandatory and will be held on the start line for each departing group. Riders will be set off at 2 minute intervals in groups of approx 20, between 08:00 and 10:00. You can start your ride anytime between 08:00 from 10:00. Please assemble behind the start line and wait for your turn to go.


Medical support:

The emergency number will be given to you before race day. Please put this number into your phone and call direct if you or another rider requires emergency MEDICAL support. Please remember that a mechanical failure is not a reason to call the emergency service.


All turnings will be marked with a large blue arrow on a yellow background. Specific hazards, such as steep hills and sharp bends will be signed with red letters on a yellow background.

Do's and Don'ts

This is a non-competitive ride, NOT a race.


  • enjoy the ride
  • challenge yourself
  • follow the Highway Code
  • wear a helmet
  • ride single file on narrow roads allow vehicles to pass safely treat all road users with respect


  • drop litter (including gel packets)
  • behave in a manner that may offend others
  • impede traffic flow
  • ride in large groups in the middle of the road
  • ride on the wrong side of the road

Course split and rejoin:

The Course Split will be clearly marked with a ‘COURSE SPLIT’ sign at the junction and another sign after the split confirming which course you are now on.

  • The course split comes at 8 Miles, just before Preston Bissett hamlet
  • The courses rejoin at 32M (Standard)/12M (Short) just before Steeple Claydon
  • Both courses finish on the same route between Steeple Claydon & Buckingham

Please remember that signs can be tampered with on events such as these, therefore it is highly recommended that you download the ROUTE MAPS (see below) and bring them with you as back- up.

Route Maps:

Route map will be available to you three weeks before event day – we will email them to you. You can then opt to download them onto your GPS via .gpx files, etc, or choose a printable version that you can print and put in your pocket for the ride. Look in the column to the right of the map for these options. If you have difficulty please email us, in plenty of time, on: [email protected]

Feed Stations:

There will be feed stations along the route – information on where they are and at what Mile point they will be will be given to you before race day. There will be water for you to fill your bottles & energy drink for those who want it. There will be a good selection of savoury and sweet things to eat and restock your energy stores with. Please do take what you need, but please don’t overdo it – there will be plenty of hungry riders coming in behind you!


Finishing Line:

Ride straight over the timing mat and you’re done! Pick up your medal and bask in your achievement for a few minutes, then head over to the catering area and get yourself some hot soup or coffee/tea. Don’t worry about your chip – it is disposable so no need to try to return it.

Photos and your finish time:

Photos will be on the event website as soon as possible after the event. Your ride time will also be posted under the tab on the right hand side, named “Times/Photos”.

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