Oldham Way Ultra - Red Rose Ultra

A 40 Mile loop from the Castleshaw centre (Delpth) closely following the route of the Oldham Way Ultra with landscape that varies from moorland to canal, trails, woodlands & tracks expect some spectacular views, hills and great landscape, along the Red Rose Ultra one of the newest routes in the UK

Run, walk or crawl your way through fantastic countryside, with well stocked aid stations every 10 miles (bring your own cup!)

Entry Capacity: Only 250 places, when its full, its full...

Men : 1st / 2nd / 3rd.
Women : 1st / 2nd / 3rd.

Spot prizes...
2017 event centre will have changing facilities, showers, secure storage & camping as well as 24 hour catering.

Organiser Updates (4)


sent by Team OA on 26/03/2018 at 07:54
So far out of the 120 on the original start list only 22 have emailed in with requests for deferrals.

We can only act on requests via email and if we dont have you by the 1st of April we wont be able to do anything for you!

King of the Hill 6 April 1st
Oldham Way Ultra April 22nd
Ultra Kirklees Way July 6th 7th
White Rose Ultra 30 (or 60 with small fee)

To move your OWU entry over to one of the other events or the OWU on 22nd April please email [email protected] or simply reply to the email sent from our Racespace system.

Antony Brown OWU 2018
Jenny Chapman OWU 2018
Kristofer Collier OWU 2018
Hilary Farren OWU 2018
Stuart Gall OWU 2018
Kevin Limon OWU 2018
Mark Limon OWU 2018
Rob Lloyd OWU 2018
William Mather OWU 2018
Emma Munday OWU 2018
Mark Oliver OWU 2018
Allan Parkin OWU 2018
Craig Dennen OWU 2019
Lisa Millar OWU 2019
Roberto Plascencia OWU 2019
Guy Riddell OWU 2019
Moira Roberts OWU 2019
Paul Taylor OWU 2019
Gareth Driffill WRU 60
Kim Kennedy WRU 60
Michal Suwinski WRU 60
Jessica Walker WRU 60


New Date

sent by Team OA on 23/03/2018 at 08:24
Morning all,

Still no definite news on a new date, we have had to turn down the first offer as it was the same day as our Chocathlon, waiting on a new one...

In the mean time;

We can transfer your OWU entry to one of the following;

White Rose Ultra (30) 4th November (www.WhiteRoseUltra.co.uk)
Ultra Kirklees Way 6/7th July (www.teamoa.co.uk)
King of the Hill 6 April 1st (www.teamoa.co.uk)
The Drop Christmas Special 28th December (see below)

When we have a new date for the OWU we will open it up to take new entries for all those that missed out for reasons other that the weather - you could defer to another event and still enter to do the new OWU on the new date!

To take advantage of any of this please email [email protected] we wont be able to respond properly to comments and messages on facebook twitter etc and dont want to loose track of who's wanting to do what!

We will keep you informed and let you know as soon as we have the new date fixed.




sent by Team OA on 18/03/2018 at 05:52

Update 05:45 -

On instruction form local Mountain Rescue following call from police we are canceling todays event. 

We can move you over to the White Rose Ultra latter in the year or an alternative date for todays OWU. 

We will update asap. 


Snow - Storms and cold

sent by Team OA on 18/03/2018 at 05:17

We have just returned from a recce to look at the surrounding roads, although not snowing the whole area is struck with severe drifting, the side road (Watersroad,) is inpassable to any vehicles. There is no further snow forecast at present, just increasing wind speeds and drop in temperature.

This is only a race it is not an essential journey!. Your own safety is what matters today. If you are not comfortable travelling from where you live or where you are staying or are worried about running, then be sensible.

For those already here and able to make the journey, start will be postponed until 09:30 when a final decision will be made.

If its not for you, we can move you over to the White Rose Ultra latter in the year or an alternative date for todays OWU. If you are coming, we will see you in a few hours.


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Des Thorpe

08/02/2018 09:15:29

Intake lane or fields?

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