The Drop - Christmas Special

Using a little bit of military know how we have come up with possibly the most challenging race in the UK!

The December drop has a 15 mile drop with a 10 and 5 mile option... make the decision at registration.

Solo or 2 person teams.

At registration you will hand over all electronic devices, phones, watches and money! In return you will be given a GPS tracker, a race number and an emergency bag*.

You will be placed on our bus, blindfolded** and then driven to a location 10 miles away (as the crow flies) from the event centre. Here you will be released at 2 minute intervals, all you have to do is make your way back to the event centre.

No Map
No Route
No Help
No Compass

You are fully self sufficient from the moment you leave the coach, make your own way. So run, walk or crawl your way back.

Be warned now, the distances are as the crow flies

*emergency bag contains; a bottle of water, food, £10.00, an emergency mobile phone, and a map/compass. if you open this bag you will be disqualified!
**blindfolded, we will be using blackout safety goggles, we appreciate that some people may have problems but don't worry we have an alternative!

The following will get you disqualified;
  • Using of a gps device. Recording your progress is acceptable, but the device you use will have to be sealed in the emergency bag. (We will supply this and seal it for you!)
  • Using a map other than any that we choose to give you, See example below!
  • Using anything except your own two legs to get you to the finish (the tracker can't lie!)
  • Breaking the seal on the emergency kit bag

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The Drop

sent by Team OA on 05/12/2018 at 11:13

Please hit the link below to let us know the distance you require!

The Drop...


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Team OA

Team OA Organiser

18/12/2018 16:54:35

Make sure you have all filled in the Google form so we know what distance you are doing, you all have to do this individually!

Team OA

Team OA Organiser

10/09/2018 05:49:44

Now Offering The drop Zero Tech This is as above but with NO GPS tracking, you will be free of all tech and the outside world, we wont know where you are, once you exit the bus at the drop point no one will know anything until you return to HQ! With the removal of the GPS tracking we are able to greatly reduce the cost to just £14.00. You can enter solo or as a team... everything else works the same as the Standard GPS tracked drop.