Convert more participants

Promotional tools made for endurance events.

People love a deal. The right incentive, at the right time, might be just the thing to push them over the line and sign up for your race. That's why Race Space offers a wide range of flexible promotional tools that can be both automated or tweaked during the event cycle.


Key Race Space promotional tools

Multi-entry Discounts

Incentivise participants to purchase multiple entries in a single transaction, either to a single race, or across your events.

Early-bird Offers

Set the cut-off dates in advance, then have as many pricing tiers as you want. Your page will even display a countdown to the next price increase.

Discount Codes

Easily generate (or import) as many discount or fixed price codes as you need. Put time limits or usage limits, so there's no worry of over use.

Team-size Discounts

Encourage your participants to get their mates involved by incentivising them to grow their teams with special, tier-based discounts.

Inspire urgency to purchase

Automated prices rises & limited-ticket deals.

Set up all of your price rises in advance. These can be based on ticket sale numbers (e.g. 'First 500 tickets are £25!'), or date restricted. When a price rise is approaching, a banner automatically appears on your page, counting down to the deadline.


frequently asked questions

Can I offer a season pass?
Yes, you can set up a pass for all, or a selection of your events. Once set up, people will be able to buy a pass for themselves into all included events, for a single, up front price.
Can I see how many times certain promo codes have been used?
Yes, you have a simple dashboard for managing all of your promo codes, where you can check usage, add restrictions, or simply make them inactive.
Can I see which participants have used certain promotions?
Yes, you can easily run an export at any time to see what promotions participants have used.
Can I import codes from my current entry platform, or do I need to set them all up again?
Importing all your current codes is as simple as importing an Excel spreadsheet.

Features that work well with Flexible Promotional Tools