Event Deals

You can access Event Deals through your Event Dashboard (go to My Events in the main menu, then select Event Deals by hovering over the Actions menu on the event you choose). These deal types will be applied based on the event you have accessed them from and are event-specific.

The first thing to do when setting up a deal is to select the deal type from the drop down. Below is a description of what each deal type does:

  • Discount Code (Single): Use this if you want to create a discount code that is applicable to only one ticket in the basket. If a purchaser buys more than one ticket, the discount will only apply to the first.
  • Discount Code (All Tickets): As above except these codes apply to all tickets in the basket.
  • Discount Code (Entire Transaction): The discount will apply to all items in the user’s basket, with the exception of charity donations.

You can find and edit any deals already set up by scrolling to the bottom of the Event Deals page. Under the section, Deals, you can search for the deals which have been previously created. In the Action column on the right you will have the option to both Edit and Delete.

If you would like to import deals to your event using a spreadsheet, which is useful if you are adding a large number of unique discount codes, you can do this by selecting the Download template link in red. Once you have populated the template with event-specific deals you can then select the Upload Excel link in red to add these deals in bulk. Both these links are in the bottom left opposite the Save Code button.

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