Race Space has a completely automated instalments feature, so people that are short on cash don’t have to pay everything upfront when entering an event. You can switch Installments on or off in the Racer Services section of the Event Creator, as well as set parameters for participant payments of between 2 to 12 instalments.

As an event organiser you can use the instalments feature worry-free, thanks to Race Space’s seamless workflows. We ensure that the final installment is never allowed less than a month in advance of race day, as well as sending people reminders if their card expires during an instalment plan. If for some reason someone allows their card to expire without updating, after prompts, the organiser will be notified and can remove the participant from the race.

You can monitor all current instalment plans by going to Finance > Installments.

Here there is a list of all participants using the instalment plan option for purchasing tickets to your events. Use the blue tabs below the graph to see the status of each of the plans: Warnings, In Progress, Complete and All. Warnings means their card has defaulted and they have received at least one automated email from Race Space. You can see how many warnings they have and can choose what action to take.

You can use the graph in this section to see how much income you are due from instalment payments over the coming months.

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