Speedy Checkout

Speedy Checkout is a feature pioneered by Race Space that allows your entrants to purchase their tickets faster than ever before, on any device. You can switch it on or off in the Racer Services section of the Event Creator.

We’ve created a fool-proof, ‘buy now, register later’ process that enables purchasers to buy an unlimited amount of tickets in a single transaction, without entering all the details of each participant until later.

At checkout, users simply need to select how many tickets they want, add their email address and complete the purchase. They will then receive an email confirmation of their purchase and prompt to register participant details. They can either do this themselves, or send entries to friends to complete the registration form.

Participants very rarely don’t complete registration because they receive email reminders every week reminding them to and if they still don’t, they receive alerts every day in the leadup to event entries closing. They also check a box at check-out confirming that they understand that they still need to complete registration after purchase before they will be issued tickets, as well as several other automated prompts.

As the event organiser, you can check the status of all registrations by going to Manage Racers (in your Event Dashboard) and selecting the Unregistered Tickets tab at the top. Here you will be able to see any participants that hold unregistered tickets, how many tickets they have, when they were last reminded, as well as other useful information. You are also able to send reminders to them yourself through this section.

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