Team Technology

Race Space team technology is highly sophisticated but super easy to use. As the event organiser, you can set up team entries in the Tickets & Pricing section of the Event Creator. Simply check the box that says Team under the sub event. Checking this box will open up team options on the left-hand-side, such as the minimum and maximum number of people in a team. If you check the box ‘Force minimum entries’ here, the entrant will need to buy at least the number tickets to meet the minimum number of people in a team.

You also have the option in this section of offering discounts to people who enter larger teams. You do this by selecting Yes from the Allow Bulk Entry Discounts drop-down. Then you can set as many thresholds as you like and the discount received for entering a team that size.

From a participants perspective they will be inspired to gather more people for their team in order to get a bigger discount at checkout.

Each team has its own Team Hub, where teammates can banter with each other as well as invite others to join.

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