All Time Breakdown Terminology

In this section we cover all the key terms for the All Time data fields on the Overall Performance and Event Performance pages. The article is designed to give you a more in-depth description of what they mean.

  • Additional Revenue: This is extra money made for things other than ticket sales, such as selling merchandise or booking protection.
  • Booking Protect: The amount of revenue received for selling booking protection. This is 10% of what is charged to the customer for booking protection. Click here for more information on Booking Protect.
  • Chargebacks: refers to a dispute which is raised when a cardholder questions your payment with their card issuer. This chargeback amount is held until the dispute is resolved. Click here for further information on Chargebacks.
  • Charity Donations: The amount of money received in charity donations.
  • Closed: An event is closed seven days after it takes place. This means the reserves are released. Click here for more information on revenue payouts.
  • Entries: The amount of revenue received only from race entries.
  • Estimated Entries: This is the amount of entries estimated based on what team size people have estimated they will have, even if not everyone has purchased their entry yet. For more information on teams, click here.
  • Expected Next Payment: refers to the money you can expect to be paid out to you that week. Click here for more information regarding Race Space’s payout process.
  • Facebook Engagements: refer to how many people have shared your Race Space event page on Facebook.
  • Gross Pending: This is revenue that is already committed by entrants that they are paying in instalments.
  • Gross Received: This is Gross Revenue with any future payments from instalments deducted.
  • Held by Race Space: This is the total amount currently held by Race Space on your behalf.
  • Individual Entries: These are people who have entered solo, rather than in a team.
  • Live: Live events are your events that are currently open for entries.
  • Merchandise Items: The amount of revenue received only from selling merchandise.
  • Net Revenue: This is the amount of revenue earned with Race Space fees already deducted.
  • Page Views: refers to the number of participants visiting and viewing your event page on our platform.
  • Race Space to receive by next payment: It takes a few days for Race Space to receive sales revenue from our payment partner, Stripe. This section tells you how much money we estimate we’ll have by the next payout date. Click here for more information on revenue payouts.
  • Refunds: The total amount refunded by you to participants. This does not include refund claims through Booking Protect, as that money is paid by Booking Protect.
  • Refund Fees: Refers to fees charged for processing a refund. These only apply if there are no funds held in Your Funds. If you are making a refund out of money held by Race Space, there is no fee applicable. Click here for more information on refunds.
  • Reserves Held: Refers to the deposit held which covers Race Space’s liability risk in managing your card processing of that transaction. This amount is released once the event has been attended by the participant.
  • Sales/Gross Revenue: This is the total amount of revenue made through all streams, including Race Space fees.
  • Sub-Events: Sub events are the different events, such as distances, held as part of the same wider event.
  • Team Entries: This is the number of people who have entered as part of a team.
  • Total Entries: The total number of entries you have so far.
  • Total Teams: This is the number of teams so far entered in your event.
  • Transfer Fees: The amount of revenue received only from race entries.

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