Time is money

Managing all those refund & transfer requests can take a lot of time to manage. Make your system work for you!

Is managing refund and transfer administration a time-sink for your team? Are refund and transfer fees a revenue stream that require a lot of work? Would you like a revenue stream that doesn't require any attention?

Cut out the work, but keep the revenue (if you want) by implementing rules and fees for your refunds and transfers when you set up your event and let your participants manage their own refunds & transfers.

Key benefits of automated refunds & transfers

Save time

No more time wasted managing participant requests on refunds & transfers.

Complete control

Set multiple time frames, restrictions & costs, all in advance.

Create Revenue

Set fees for your automations & generate revenue while minimising time requirements.

Happy participants

Give participants the power of managing their own entries, rather than needing to come to you.


In just a couple of clicks, your automations are up & running.

Setup is easy and flexible. Simply switch on the services you'd like to offer, add date restrictions, charges and go!



Participants can easily find out what their options are & how to activate the features.

When you set it up, your Refund/Transfers/Deferrals policy is automatically updated, so participants who can no longer attend can find the information they need.

Using their options are super easy too and optimised for both desktop and mobile.

And with full knowledge-base and chat support, even if a participant does have a query, they come to Race Space first.



Keep on top of all actions taken by your participants.

Quickly view what is happening in any of your automations and adjust easily where necessary.


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to offer automated refunds & transfers?
No, they are optional to include.
Can I still manually manage refunds and transfers?
Yes, and you have full flexibility of how much to charge for the action and whether to keep the participant in the race or not.
How do automated refunds and Booking Protect work?
Booking Protect is the more advanced booking protection that you can optionally select for participants to buy and in most cases Booking Protect provides increased coverage for a greater refund.

In the case that automations are activated where Booking Protect has been purchased, participants are directed to their Booking Protect refund process and not their organiser refund process where the participant is fully refunded without you needing to refund the revenue you've received. Discover Booking Protect
How do deferrals work if I only have one event?
If a deferral is made, the participant has race credit limited to any of your races for up to one year from the event date of the original event. So they can use it for next years event if you only have one event.
How much can I charge?
That's down to you. Most organisers charge between £5 and £15 per refund and slightly less for deferrals. You can also set these to be higher and higher closer to the event to manage cashflow in case of last minute drop-outs. Some might still be happy with only a small refund over getting nothing at all.
Can I change my automation rules mid-way through the event?
Yes you can. In some cases, when an event gets cancelled or moved, organisers setup 100% refund or deferral rules instead of manually having to go in and take each action individually.