3M3D Grand Slam

The 3M3D Grand Slam is a staged trail race in the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland. It is run over three consecutive days over three different courses. This is the tenth year of the race that is being held on the Atherton Tablelands. Transport is provided at a nominal fee. The 3M3D Grand Slam is listed on the AURA website and AURA members receive a discount during our 'Standard Entry Fee' period.

Use this registration form if you want to register for any of the following:
  • 3M3D Grand Slam SOLO
  • 3M3D Grand Slam as a relay team
  • Marathon 1 and/or Marathon 2 only
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There are also other races on the weekend:

Promotional codes:

Dynamic Running club members - at checkout, please use the promo code DRmember to receive your 35% discount on the race fees.

AURA members - at checkout, please use the promo code AURA3M3D to receive your 10% discount on the race fees.

WARNING: Marathon 1 and Marathon 2 are super tough over very hilly terrain! If you are a returning competitor, you are going to get a bit of a shock (if you thought it was tough before, it's tougher now with the new courses!!!). Add at least a half to one hour on your previous race times. If you are a newbie, concerted long, steep up and down hill training (using poles if you have some) is going to be your saving grace.

Early Starters - select the early start wave if you are a slower/injured runner. At this stage we've set the early start for 6.00am, but as just mentioned, M1 & M2 are a lot more challenging, so we may yet opt to start at 5.30am. You will need a headtorch if you are an early starter.

Virtual Runners - this option is only available to those who do NOT attend at the event on race day. Email through your race times to [email protected] We send out the medals after the race date (Club members must pick up). Our virtual runners are encouraged to post their pictures on our Facebook group 'Running in my own neighbourhood'.

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3M3D Grand Slam
VIRTUAL 3M3D Grand Slam
3M3D Grand Slam RELAY TEAM member
Marathon 1 only
Marathon 2 only
Marathon 1 and 2 only


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  • You may trade your entry for a Transfer Credit at a cost of 20% of your ticket price until 31/05/2021.
  • You will have 12 months (from the date of the event) to spend your Transfer Credit. You may also use your Transfer Credit to enter someone else.
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  • You may Refund yourself the entry cost less 10% until 31/05/2021.
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