sometimes people need a nudge!

Don't lose interest for your event.

It's a simple fact, for a wide range of reasons, potential purchasers can be genuinely interested in your event, but don't make it all the way through to purchase.

Our 'Abandoned Cart' feature sends a short series of unobtrusive automated reminders to those who've shown interest in your event, but didn't make it to purchase.

Ensure that anyone who was interested is prompted to get their ticket.


Key benefits of Abandoned Cart

Fully Automated

Switch on optional reminders with a single checkbox & the whole process is automated for you.

Get More Racers

E-commerce research shows that up to 60% of purchasers who receive a personalised reminder message end up making the purchase.


Race Space only reminds those who have shown legitimate interest in your event & complies with international & GDPR guidance.

Frequently asked questions

How does Race Space define legitimate interest?
Race Space defines legitimate interest as a partial form complete, as this shows purchase intent.
Does Abandoned Cart technology really help generate more sales?
The short answer is yes, as long as the cart was abandoned due to disruption and not due to something like an excessively long registration form (speedy checkout technology will also help with this).

Here is some external reading material on the benefits of abandoned cart technology for your conversion rates:

- Barilliance
- Digital Commerce
- Sleek Note
Is abandoned cart technology always engaged?
Abandoned cart technology is optional and you can choose to switch it on or off for each event.
Can I set-up my own abandoned cart flow?
If you want to setup your own custom abandoned cart flow outside of the automatically generated Race Space reminder emails, you can do so by integrating the abandoned cart data feed into a 3rd party application.

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