Sell merchandise

Make additional revenue & raise brand awareness.

Add as many extras as you like. whether it be t-shirts, camping gear, shuttles or brand-merch, integrating sales seamlessly into your checkout process.


Key benefits of merchandise sales & charity donations

Increased Revenue

Integrating merchandise sales into your form means capitalising on the purchaser's excitement & encouraging an up-sell.

Increased Brand Awareness

Selling kit means people rocking your colours & branding, spreading awareness of your event at no extra cost.

Support Local Causes

Encouraging people to to make a charity donation means raising substantial money for good causes.

Add Multiple Charities

Have as many partner charities as you like. Participants can then select which ones they would like to make a donation to.

Raise money for a good cause

Seamlessly integrate charity donations into your entry process.

Race events and raising money for charities go hand-in-hand. That's why Race Space makes it super easy for participants to add a donation to their basket.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add multiple charities?
Yes, you can add as many as you like. Then the participant will be able to select which to donate to at checkout.
Can I add multiple merchandise items?
Yes, you can add as many merchandise items as you need. This includes creating sub categories, such as size or colour.
Can I add photos of my merchandise items?
Yes, you may add as many photos as you like.
Can participants come back and purchase merchandise items later?
Yes, any participant can return to Race Space and purchase a merchandise item, without having to purchase any additional tickets.