Get any data required

Add as many fields as you like, selecting from an array of formats.

Select from drop-down, checkboxes, free text, time selectors and additional waivers wherever you want. Build the form that is right for your event, rather than trying to fit into someone else's template!


Key benefits of Customisable entry forms

Quick & Easy

The easy to use form builder makes creating forms that capture the registration data you need a breeze.

Get Registration Data After Purchase

With Speedy Checkout technology, maximise your registration data capabilities by collecting information after purchase.

Flexible Options

A wide variety of form options to get you the data you need, seamlessly for yourself & the participant.

Simple Add-ons

Simple tools for adding on common elements like Booking Protect, waivers, merchandise & charity donations.

Get More Data without losing sales

Collect participant information after you sell with Speedy Checkout.

Requiring lengthy forms full of all the questions you need (and some you want) before transaction can lose you a ton of sales.

With Speedy Checkout, you take the bare minimum of information required before the sale and then collect remaining registration data after purchase.

Maximising sales while collecting all the data you need.


Frequently asked questions

Can I upload documents for participants to agree to?
Yes, you can upload terms & conditions, waivers or any other document that participants will have to check a box to agree to.
Is it better to keep my entry form as short as possible?
Ideally, yes, as it creates less of a barrier for people to enter.

However, with Race Space's Speedy Checkout feature, participants complete the bulk of the information after they have purchased, so your registration form can have all the data you need without having to think about how it will affect sales.
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