Make your participants a mouth-piece for your events.

Race Space automatically generates engaging share graphics out of the assets you supply when creating your event and promotes them to participants at key parts of their registration and engagement journey.

With images and messaging participants actually want to engage with, you can increase your event exposure exponentially to new participants, pre-packaged with the sharer's 'seal of approval'.


Key benefits of Race Space social media integration

Engaged Community

Race Space's engaged social community has been built over years of running exceptional events & supporting our community.

Engaging Share Graphics

Vastly increase your socially validated exposure with participant share graphics that actually get shared!

Increase Analytical Performance

Drop Facebook & Google pixels directly on to your Race Space event page & get more data to build & refine your marketing prospects.

Grow Your Social Audience

Take advantage of Race Space's social community & audience composition with co-hosted Facebook event pages.

Co-hosted Facebook event pages

Co-hosted Facebook event pages.

By co-hosting, your events have access to Race Space's social network and audience profiles.

Working together, grow your Facebook audiences and increase your reach, maximising the exposure and opportunity for your event.


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to co-host my events?
Of course not!

Most racer organisers choose to do so to take advantage of our larger audiences and wider social followings.
If I use Race Space do I still need to market my event?
Yes, many of the technologies within Race Space that are designed to help you get more participants are designed around better leveraging traditionally secured participants.