Check-In App

Streamline your race day management with the synchronised Race Space check-in application. Available on both iOS and Android, anyone can download it to their smartphone and use it to check participants in on race day. Just search for RS Check-In on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, you can sign into the app using your usual Race Space login details. Once logged in, you will see all of your live events. Select the event you would like to check participants in for and begin checking them in. You can do this manually, or by scanning the QR code on their ticket as they enter your event.

Event Check-In

Visit the Event Dashboard by going to the My Events page found in the main menu. Hover your mouse over the event of your choosing and then select Event Check-In from the Action drop-down.

At the top of the page are the main event check-in sections grouped into Event Check-In, Manage Check-In Staff and Bib Generator.

Below is a description of what each of these main event check-in sections capture:

  • Event Check-In: Provides an overview of all participants for your event. The main tabs in green will show the number of participants that have been checked in, remaining participants not checked in, the percentage of dropouts from the event and staff currently assigned to manage event check-in (discussed further in the Manage Check-In Staff section below). In addition, the list below will show a participant breakdown for check-in time, checked in by and bib number (discussed further in the Bib Generator section below).
  • Manage Check-In Staff: Provides you with the ability to add user email addresses linked to Race Space accounts for staff who will then be able to access the RS Check-In app for 24 hours before and after the event.
    • To add check-in staff simply add the email addresses of those you would like to make check-in staff in the left column and select the event or events you would like to make them check-in staff for in the right column. Then select the Add Staff button in the bottom right to confirm.
  • Bib Generator: Allows you to generate bibs for participants of your event. You will then be able to scan these bibs when handing them out on race day, allowing you to assign them as you check-in participants. This is all done through the RS Check-In app.

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