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Powerful Race event software that’s beautifully simple & elegantly delivered.

Race Space is a new generation of race event management tech, designed to help organisers of all sizes engage more Racers, save time, reduce cost and simply manage better events!

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conversion driven event pages

Our event pages aren't just beautiful, engaging and feature rich, they're designed by experts to convert more potential entrants.

Social media integration

Race Space is seamlessly integrated with Facebook and Twitter so Racers are more likely to engage and share your event.

Mobile optimisation

Our race discovery and booking process is perfectly optimized for mobile, so you won't be losing any potential customers!

Enticing deals

Set up a huge range of deals to entice Racers: everything from discounts for getting friends involved to Season Passes.

instalment plans

Don't miss out on Racers because they don't have the cash to hand... allow them to pay in monthly instalments!

single step sign up

Racers can sign up to your event in just a couple of clicks. They can also enter multiple events in one go.

Detailed reporting

Our analytics and reporting tools allow you instant access to every aspect of your event, as well as run customised reports.

Automated refunds/transfers

Take a hands-off approach to refunds and transfers. Set the charges and parameters, then leave it to your Racers!

Check-in app

Check Racers in on the day quickly and smartly, whether online or off. Even auto-assign them bib-numbers!

Email notifications

Send out email notifications at the touch of button. Add attachments or even automatically include wave info.

Race space help

Our smart help section gives Racers access to all the information they need, meaning less time responding to emails.


We have an ever growing community of engaged, passionate users! Join our community to maximise the reach of your event.

Upload photos

Upload photos after the event and Race Space will automatically email the participants to let them know.

Upload timings

Upload your race times to Race Space and it will automatically email your participants their time and placing.

Duplicate events

Easily duplicate your event pages, allowing you to quickly relaunch and start taking entries.



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Bruno is a champion of all things Race Space. He likes nothing more than showing off all the clever things it can do. When he’s not doing that, he’s showing off his exotic shell collection. Thinking about it, perhaps he just like showing off...



Miro is a powerhouse of technology. As meticulous as he is handsome. There is nothing he can’t do with a MacBook Pro on his lap and a song in his heart. Including riding a unicycle. You’d think that would be impossible, wouldn’t you?



Toby gets stuck into a bit of everything, from marketing strategy, to key partner support. Outside the office, Toby might be found playing the fiddle, or tying salmon flies from the feathers of common pigeons.



Our social media and digital marketing guru, Sean has helped lead the marketing strategy for Race Space and our race organiser partners. When not analysing data or dreaming up content, Sean is in the Scottish wilderness, riding bareback.



Our front-end whizz, Carlo keeps the site looking sharp and makes sure nobody sees anything wild (except in a good way)! He devotes his time off to his lifelong research into cultivating facial hair. So far it’s really paying off.

‘I can honestly say, Race Space is a near perfect system.’


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